MAKEUP BUNDLE WORTH £20 FOR JUST £1 @ Half Price Perfumes

MAKEUP BUNDLE WORTH £20 FOR JUST £1 @ Half Price Perfumes

Found 10th Dec 2014
Bargain Essential Party Kit for the Eyes,Lips and Nails. Worth over £20 you can claim all this for just £1.00 using code 'PartyTime'Set Contains :

1 x Revlon Matte Eyeshadow - worth £8.99 - Silky...Sexy...Brilliant. Glossy formula combines sheer colour and intense moisture with light-reflecting spheres to create amazing shine

1 x Bourjois Eau De Gloss - worth £6.99 - A fresh, smooth & sensual lip gloss.Contains ultra-reflecting micro-glass pearls.Gives a deep shine & magnifying glass effect.Ultra soft & light texture leaves a fresh & non sticky sensation on lips.Creates a sexy & kissable pout1 x Bourjois Techno Bar Nail Polish - worth £3.99 - Cute little 3ml bottle of lovely high gloss finish nail polish.

1 x Maybelline MNY Lip Gloss - worth £3.99 - Maybelline MNY My Gloss Lip Gloss Maybelline MNY is a new young product line that provides fashionistas around the world with basic products in trendy colours.

Please note there is a £4.99 delivery charge too.
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£5 delivery means paying £6 for it, not really a deal then to me
£4.99 delivery = shocking
Should add delivery in title as its misleading.
And time wasting.
i wouldnt order from this company shambles
It's £5.99 because you have to pay shipping of £4.99
Misleading title
I dont understand how you guys find the title misleading? I said the makeup is £1 which it is, i didnt write anything saying delivery was free did i? Eitherway if you did buy the product it would have cost you £25 including delivery, whats wrong with getting £20 off?
But it's not going to cost you £1!! It's going to cost you £5.99!!
Plus the products look cack!

But it's not going to cost you £1!! It's going to cost you £5.99!!

5.99 including delivery. The product itself isnt costing 5.99 its £1
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