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Posted 13 May 2023

Makita 120PC General Maintenance Kit Spanner Socket Mechanics Screwdriver Set - £58.48 with code @ eBay / buy a parcel- store

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Maintenance tool kit in a stackable Makpac Connector case for convenience.

Can be connected onto Makpac power tool cases from Makita and as well as compatible cases from other power tool brands. Contains 120 accessories, including sockets, screwdriver bits and hex keys, packed into a plastic Makpac inlay.

This set replaces the P-90635 and contains the same accessories but now supplied in the stackable Makpac 2 Case with 2 inlays

Features & Benefits

Comprehensive 120 piece tool set consisting of a variety of hand tools and accessories
Supplied in a convenient, stackable Makpac case
Constructed from chrome vanadium steel
Ideal for car mechanics, construction industry workers, handymen, DIY enthusiasts


7x Combination Spanners: 8-15mm
8x Allen Keys: 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm
50x bits 25 mm: PH0 (x2)/PH1 (x2)/PH2 (x3)/PH3 (x3), PZ0 (x2)/PZ1 (x2)/PZ2 (x3)/PZ3 (x3), SL0.5x3.0/SL0.8x4.0/SL0.8x5.0/SL1.0x5.5 (x2)/SL1.0x6.0, HH3/HH4/HH5/HH6, T8/T9/T10/T15 (x2)/T20/T25/T27/T30/T40, TH8/TH9/TH10/TH15 (x2)/TH20/TH25/TH27/TH30/TH40
18x Sockets 1/4": 4/4.5/5/5.5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14mm, E4/E5/E6/E7/E8
20x Sockets 3/8": 8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21mm, E10/E11/E12/E14/E16/E18
60mm Magnetic Bit Holder
80mm Magnetic Screw Guide Sleeve
Screwdriver with 1/4" square
Ratchet 3/8" 72 fold toothed
2x Extension 1/4": 50/100mm
2x Extension 3/8": 75/150mm
Adapter 1/4" Hexagon to 1/4" Square
Adapter 1/4" Hexagon to 1/2" Square
Adapter 1/4" Square to 1/4" Hexagon
Adapter 3/8" Square to 1/4" Square
Adapter 3/8" Square to 1/2" Square
Universal Joint 1/4"
Universal Joint 3/8"
2x Spark Plug Sockets: 16/21mm
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  1. Tedman's avatar
    I wouldn't buy this just because it’s Makita. They don’t make it and then it’s will be made out of cheese. 
    Mentos's avatar
    That’s a lot of cheese for £54
  2. elphantasmo's avatar
    Makita make great power tools, but their hand tools and bits are rubbish and massively over priced.
  3. romanburasc449a's avatar
    I made a mistake of buying similar set. I think Lidl would be ashamed to put it's name on this case. It's complete junk (except for the impact drill bits for some strange reason).
    (this set doesnt have them so it would be all bad) (edited)
  4. miah2018's avatar
    similar price elsewhere such as Amazon and B&Q
  5. Jez407's avatar
    Looks like you're paying a lot for a nice case and brand.
  6. Jibz685's avatar
    Do NOT buy any hand tools from makita. They are awful quality.
  7. HarryBobs's avatar
    Agreed. Makita gold impact bits and their black impact rated socket sets are the only items which haven't been junk. Power tools are awesome however including their garden range 🏼 (edited)
  8. Cooling_Deals's avatar
    Makita doesn't make hand tools and never have - they sell their brand to anyone willing to pay for it, and it ends up on generic tools that come out of a bucket in China.

    The only thing that is genuinely Makita here is the Makpac.... which honestly really isn't a great selling point!

    That being said, this is a decent deal for what you get - for a DIYer who has already got a Makpac setup, it looks to be a decent deal
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