Makita 8391DWPETK 18V Combi Drill & 101 Piece Accessory Kit £99 @ Screwfix
Makita 8391DWPETK 18V Combi Drill & 101 Piece Accessory Kit £99 @ Screwfix

Makita 8391DWPETK 18V Combi Drill & 101 Piece Accessory Kit £99 @ Screwfix

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Versatile Combi includes a comprehensive 101 piece accessory kit. Supplied with carry case.

Cheaper and extra 101 peices of drill bits and stuff than B and Q aka DIY.com

I have this does me Proud!!!

2 x 1.3Ah Ni-Cd Batteries
30min Charger
2-Speed Variable & Reverse
13mm Keyless Chuck
17 Torque Settings
Electric Brake
Automatic Spindle Lock
Soft-Grip Handle
8391DWPE, 2 x 1.3Ah Ni-Cad batteries, charger, 21 x drill bits (6 x wood, 6 x masonry, 6 x HSS, 3 x flat), 50 x screwdriver bits (30 x 25, 20 x 50mm), 4 x holesaws, 1 x holesaw arbor, 13 x nut runners, 1 x magnetic bit holder, 1 x centre punch, 4 x depth stops, 2 x screwfinders, 1 x allen key, 1 x countersink, 1 x screwdriver handle, 1 x level.


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This was £119.99 yesterday when i brought mine!!!! no doubt i will return it today and reorder !!!

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this seems like a good deal indeed

Ditto, smashing price for a great drill set, HOT.

Is anyone still stupid enough to buy Ni-Cad's?

1.3Ah Ni-Cd Batteries............... hmmm

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1.3Ah Ni-Cd Batteries............... hmmm

dont knock it, if your an infreqent user!!!

30 min quick recharge 2 batteries

Hopefully a one-off poor experience, but I've had this drill for around 2 years and something recently sheared off in the chuck assembly so I can no longer open and close the jaws to change drill bits. The whole thing is one piece with the motor so it would cost more than a new drill to fix.

Put me off another Makita to be honest. Tempted to get another as I have three batteries for it, but expensive if it goes wrong again. I paid the same price in September 2008 for this with three batteries from Screwfix so it's not quite the bargain it first appears.
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Are nicads really that bad? They have more power, i.e. you generally can draw a higher current from them, they aren't damaged if fully discharged, there is no risk of explosion if heated up or punctured. Yes the power drains away quite quickly, you wouldn't expect to charge them up and use them a week later with a full charge and they are heavier. Also you really need to discharge them before charging and not charge them when only half discharged but nicad has some good features too.

Also have to factor in li-on drills with 1.5Ah batteries are not the same as Nicad 1.5Ah. Normally as a safety feature a li-on drill will prevent fully discharging the battery which could mean there is still capacity left in the battery even if the drill refuses to operate. So a 2.5Ah nicad may be the equivilant of a 3.0Ah lithium battery. It really depends how much cell protection the lithium drill has. Lithium batteries need extra protection in that they can't be fully discharged and the peak current you can draw from them has to be limited.

The good thing about nicad is if your an occasional diyer and might not use the drill for 5 months there is no issue about storage you can store them charged or discharged without worry.

It seems to me a lot of the advantages of nicad are often overlooked because the EU wants to move away from nicad because of the cadmium in the batteries.

One thing with a nicad drill is never buy it with only one battery as you'll be tempted to recharge before the battery is fully discharged damaging it in the process.
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