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Posted 29 January 2023

Makita DTM50Z 18V Li-Ion LXT Multi-Tool - Batteries and Charger Not Included - £64.19 @ Amazon

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Batteries and Charger Not Included

The DTM50Z is an extra versatile 18v cordless, oscillating multi tool compatible with all OIS interface accessories (Oscillating Interface System).

Thumb on / off switch is positioned for ease of use when holding the body of the machine, soft start to allow accurate placing of the blade on the surface of the workpiece, variable speed control by dial, anti-restart function to prevent accidental start up and single LED job light.

Accessories (not included) can be instaled at 30 degree increments across 360 degrees. Fully 360 degree multi angle setting enables users to position the accessories in 12 different angles. On tool

  • Hex wrench holder on body
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Accessories can be installed at 30 increments, across 360
  • Uses OIS Interface. No batteries included
  • Thumb On/Off switch, positioned for ease of use when holding body of machine

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  1. Dave077's avatar
    Get two of these instead of the DTM51!
    mccririck's avatar
  2. perthsteve's avatar
    Would i be able to use the batterys from my Makita drills, which are about 5 years old
    astateoftrance's avatar
    If they are 18V LXT batteries then they will work. Just check the batteries have a star on, think it would though as only 5 years old. I have one that's over 10 years old and has a star. makitauk.com/lit…lxt
  3. Mada06's avatar
    Plus £5 delivery
  4. steveking198's avatar
    Bought this last week just for odd jobs around the house, used it for the first time at the weekend and it's spot on. Allen key to change the blades would be a pain if you're using it a lot but not an issue for a DIYer
  5. sorin.clinci's avatar
    Great price! Awesome product!
  6. Fishy7wishy's avatar
    Worth biting or holding out for the newer model?
    mccririck's avatar
    Well the DTM51 is bulkier and not as nice to hold and the lever for unlocking the attachments means it has no light.

    The newest one the DTM52 is quieter, nice to hold, better vibration damping, lever on side so it has a light, but it will cost you about £170.
  7. mccririck's avatar
    Only minus is this model has the allen bolt attachment system so you need an allen key to change attachments. Also brushed motor. (edited)
  8. birds1981's avatar
    £63.69 From Amazon through Tools Ltd Check this out! amzn.eu/d/e…ik6 next day delivery 🙌
  9. sonarbuoy's avatar
    Long wait for delivery
    mattyc94's avatar
    Dispatched within 1-2 months is a poor show. Was about to pull the trigger on it.
  10. supersue's avatar
    Thanks Frank. Less thank half of price that Berry's in Leyland are charging for this very model. Ordered :-)
  11. memnoch1976's avatar
    None returnable? Unusual for Amazon
    cheaperbythe12's avatar
    LOL....so like a bridesmaid dress, wear once and return. Oh you can't, so full refund. That is strange though, for a tool I've not seen that anywhere before.
  12. liamwheldon's avatar
    No batteries included.. Cold from me!

    Great price, paid around £100 for the tool-less 51z model 2 years ago, but these things tend to hold their value well. I would however go tool-less but not sure as a DIYer given the price different if I could justify when there's a £40 (60%+) difference for use here and there..
  13. astateoftrance's avatar
    Great deal, actually just ordered this from Howe tools for £63 but it's out of stock now. Should be arriving tomorrow
    chi88's avatar
    they have it for £62 now. just order one from them just now.
  14. Major_Lee's avatar
    Cheers OP
  15. n0chex's avatar
    I'm sure it was free delivery and added this later the crafty buggers
  16. Samy333's avatar
    Finally received mine today. Ordered on 29th.
  17. astateoftrance's avatar
    Ordered one from Howe tools and after a few uses the blade holder/spindle started slipping making the blade misaligned, returned that for a refund and ordered another from Amazon and exactly the same thing happened the first day using it!

    Not sure what to do now, try another or look for a different model. Really a shame because other than that it is good.
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