Makita Heavy Duty open Tool Case - £10 @ Wickes

Makita Heavy Duty open Tool Case - £10 @ Wickes

Found 19th Mar 2015
I popped in to my local Wickes in Lowestoft, to pick up one of the billy bargain drills I had reserved and saw these bags on offer, they had a few in there reduced from £29.99 to £10, I was hoping this might be a nationwide offer and so thought I'd share.

A universal tote for Carpenters, Construction workers, Plumbers, Installation workers, DIY users etc.
- Max Load of 15KG
- Plastic bottom
- Saw Pocket
- 360mm x 495mm x 290mm
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Still £30 online so probably not national.
absolute bargain if able to get Obe, was more than happy when I paid £30 for mine
Still £29.99 in South Gosforth and Wallsend
Don't even stock makita bags in swansea branch. wild goose chase I think
Will have to check my local branch and see if the deal is on here, other half would love one of these
Still £29.99 in Halesowen
Nice - if you get one
Very nice, good bags for quick access to your most commonly used tools, saves time opening and closing. I got a Stanley Fat Max one recently, very happy with it. Trade people might not like it though as tools could go flying in the back of a van.
I just got the screw fix deal thats on HUKD that one includes 57 piece toolset, I didn't need the tools but it was cheap for bag, wish I'd seen this first!
Has anyone else found one apart from the OP at £10?
How is this getting heat?
Awesome deal
Product link -

Need to stop at my local Wickes and check their price ...
Asked at my local but they said they'd never heard of this. I felt a right tool.
Still £30 in Christchurch, Dorset. Definitely not national...
Its also £30 in Wigan...



Awesome deal

Except noones found one
My local Wickes had a Dewalt Mitresaw reduced down to £60, which I purchased.

I didn't bother posting on here as it would have been a waste of everyone's time.

So why bother posting a 'one off' reduction on a national forum??
At least have the courtesy to inquire at the store if it's a national deal first (they can check other stores stock levels & price quite easily)

heat, thanks for posting
£29.99 in Newport. 5 mins of my life..... Vanished!
Sent the missus out to get me one......not £10 for us either.

Back to the empty paint tubs for me
This site is getting to be an absolute joke and waste of time...

If people are posting what they think are deals, when they actually are not if you look around properly, or use camelcamel, they are posting stupid one off store specific rubbish like this. Or posting Price errors on here, so everyone flocks to it and makes it obvious to the retailer, who would of honoured the price for a few normal people.

Why does everyone get exited a vote it hot!?
just get a B & Q caddy for a fiver.......does the job and more
£29.99 in Wickes Sittingbourne
What Muppet reinstated this previously spammed deal?
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