Makita P-67832 101 Piece Accessory Set @ Screwfix - £19.99

Makita P-67832 101 Piece Accessory Set @ Screwfix - £19.99

Found 30th Oct 2012
Much better than most of the multi-piece accessory sets posted on here. Great make and from a good supplier. This is click and collect price

Amazon price £30
Ebay cheapest £35

Plus Quidco cashback
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This has been in there for a while, cracking deal, picked one up and very happy with it.
Quality set this, paid this for mine recently, hot deal OP.
Good quality set but is almost always around this price
Shame half the bits are screwdriver heads I will rarely use
I know it is only a penny but 1p cheaper here:…451

and if you are an OAP, or know a friendly one, you can get another 10% off !
Usual price at screwfix and elsewhere, I had 2 of them recently, took them both back the next day, utter rubbish. 1st one the screwdriver handle broke screwing a screw into some pine beading, 2nd one the tips of the 7mm masonary bit fell off after drilling one hole!
Shame such a good name is spoilt with such rubbish, would either spend a little more and get a Bosch set (as I did) or spend less & get something from Aldi / Lidl that you can throw away after a while, AVOID!
I bough thtis from B&Q about 6 months ago or £25, great kit, gets plenty hammer and nothing has yet snapped unlike cheap forged parts
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Bought 2 for Christmas presents. Cheers.
Cold better off waiting for the next B&Q 20% off members event…520
I have one of these sets and have found the quality to be very poor - drills blunt very quickly. Was not as good as Black and Decker set it was supposed to replace.
Its always this price, cold
better getting it on one of the 20% off weekends @ B&Q if you really want it...

...but as others have said, i had a look and the quality is gash tbh, waste of time and no larger bits, waste of time imo.
You are better off with the dewalt 109 piece set for the same price at b&q. cold as the is cheaper in b&q. And you can use 2 forms of discount
Great kit. I got one for my folks from B&Q last year for £25.
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