Malteser 'Merryteaser' Reindeer 29g 20p each in-store @ B&M Bargains

Malteser 'Merryteaser' Reindeer 29g 20p each in-store @ B&M Bargains

LocalFound 7th Jan 2017
I popped into B&M (Bangor, NI) to have a nosey at any Christmas reductions and I saw a couple plastic strip things hanging off shelves filled with my absolute fave choccy- Malteser Reindeers. There wasn't a price on the strips so I asked if they were reduced now that Christmas is over and the manager came over and looked it up on his handheld system and to my shock, and his, they were on the system at 20p!! He said that this stock all arrived in store after Christmas and it was very possible that other B&M stores also received late stock/have remaining stock scanning at 20p- YUMMMMMM

Happy hunting folks, hope others are able to find some in their locals too
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Maybe a consolation if you didn't find a winning flamedeer !
Also 12p in co-op
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