Maltesers 800g bucket    £2.47 @ Asda

Maltesers 800g bucket £2.47 @ Asda

Found 8th Jan 2009
Asda are selling off their xmas stock of Maltesers buckets. Expiry date on the bucket was the end of april 2009.

Very good value considering they're selling the 400g boxes for £3.40.

Note - these weren't stocked in the normal confectionery section, they were shelved next the clearance Christmas goods. Actually they were next to a few other bargins...

Lindt chocolate santa 50p
Cadburys chocolate coins 50p
Boxes of biscuits £2 +
xmas crsckers 50p
baubles 50p
tinsel 40p
you get the idea.

Good luck.
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I've had one of these before there's millions of maltesers in them! HOT
very bad :x

very bad :x



my muffin tops are big enough to hold a wedding tier already :w00t:
Asda in Eastbourne have shifted all of their Xmas sweets back into the storeroom for some reason. One day they had loads of the large bags of M&M's the next day I was informed they were in the back. What's that all about?
our asda has no xmas sweets left, hot if u can get them
My latest food craze is Maltesers, I was gutted when Asda stopped selling them at £1 a box just before Christmas. The bucket is good news, but stops me rationing myself to a box a night :giggle: I am such a weak weak person!

very bad :x

No, no, no, they have a very light air filled non fattening centre . . .
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£2.29 in Lidl Hayes.
a great way to lose weight ?
mm bucket of malteasers :thumbsup: good find
Shame the expiry date is april 2009, I'm on a diet so could only eat a couple a day...guess it depends how many maltesers are in the bucket!
What quality is the container these are packed in? E.g. rigid plastic or card, etc.
rigid plastic
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