maltesers ice cream in asda 50p only
maltesers ice cream in asda 50p only

maltesers ice cream in asda 50p only

Maltesers ice cream pack of 4 only 50p spotted in my local asda, they also had snickers,munchies ice cream instore 50p.


nice find my kids love these, i better head to asda and fill up the freezer.
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Yum! I'm popping to the one near me later anyway - so will have a look. HOT

Yes they have had these in for about a week in my local asda (Doncaster). I got the last packet last night, whether they have more or not, I don't know.

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shaz3383 same here my 2 little uns will polish these off .;-)

damn, i wish there was an asda near me!!!!

was just going to post this, you just beat me to it. There were some others like real orange juice lollies pack of 4 for 50p down from £2.

wow! They are normally £1 for 1
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im on my way out now!

just grabbed 3 packs shame snickers/mars arent on the same offer it seems only maltesers are rolled back from £1.99 to £0.50!

not in middlesbrough or stockton asda still original price.

all at normal price at asda small heath

Got these today - thanks for posting - Tamworth Asda
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