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Malwarebytes Premium Antivirus 2 year deal - £52.48 @ Malwarebytes
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Malwarebytes Premium Antivirus 2 year deal - £52.48 @ Malwarebytes£52.48£59.9813%
Removes malware and spyware One of the best programs around and highly recommended by Banks to protect you from all sorts of threats. Some will even provide it free. Detects and … Read more

It was good once upon a time, but now hogs my PC.


I did find that last year it caused my mother's PC to fail to connect to the internet on several occasions causing the web browser to time out and usually fail to resolve a webpage, I had to remotely diagnose the issue so uninstalled the premium version and problem solved, reinstalled and just used the free version and no issue, reactivated the premium features and no internet on her browers again. I didn't have time to look more closely but it was a little bit of a concern as to what it was blocking.


Plenty of negatives, i have used for the past 3 months and say it doesnt slow my machine down that much (not to notice for day to day stuff). Any other recommendation's / alternatives ?


The free offer was already posted by another user though? People are voting on the deal you have posted, not the offer which was already posted which is free for natwest and rbs customers


Also I wonder if it is capable of detecting the new ranges of polymophic viruses which are apparently out there.and which are capable of acting in concert. The traditonal viruses detected by signature have become less important, although the polymorphic viruse can enulate their effects if necessary. (Apparently)

Donate $5 and get 4 years protection from Malwarebytes - StudentBeans
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Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Donate $5 and get 4 years protection from Malwarebytes - StudentBeans£3.97
Thought it may help those studying from home and only costing around £4 worth it keeping your computer safe. If codes run out wait a few hours and it'll be available. The discount … Read more
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Anyone with a spare code going that they don't want or need? Thanks in advance.


Anyone with a spare code? Please, thanks.


Anyone wants to swap the Student Beans code for NowTV Cinema Pass?


Spare code pretty please


Any spare codes?

Malwarebytes 4 Year Protection £5 per device via student beans
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Posted 5th JanPosted 5th Jan
Malwarebytes 4 Year Protection £5 per device via student beans£4.54£29.9985%
Get up to 5 machines protected for 4 years with Malwarebytes for £4.54 each via student beans. Link straight to deal page 5 devi… Read more

This still works by the way, acces it via this link and go through Student Beans.


I've been getting a pop up from malwarebytes offering me a year for £14.99 so i went with that.


Thank you so much OP! XD always loved Malwarebytes, used to use a cracked version of premium a long time ago, until they cracked down on them (pirate) Always wanted to use premium again, but the annual price was way too steep


just purchased at the time of posting. Codes are now available again, just to let you know!


I can confirm that it runs perfectly alongside AVG.

Free 90-day trial of Malwarebytes Premium on any Android device
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Posted 25th Dec 2018Posted 25th Dec 2018
Free 90-day trial of Malwarebytes Premium on any Android device
Sign up before December 31st to try all our premium Android features risk free for 90 days. No commitment to buy required. If you don't upgrade before your trial runs out, you’ll… Read more

64-(bit) Chambers


Malwarebytes aint nuthin' ta F with... Protect Ya Desk (top)


To balance things up.....


Good luck with that..


I feel like you really need this on Android. Wish I could afford an IOS device. Hey ho.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware + Anti-Exploit PC Software £7.02 (New customers)
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Posted 27th Nov 2016Posted 27th Nov 2016
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware + Anti-Exploit PC Software £7.02 (New customers)£7.02
"Crushes Malware Like Antivirus Can't" Could make a new email if you want it. I've done this deal and got the cashback in tracking. … Read more

I am ye


​Wish I'd seen this deal at the time. Looks like we can get still get 57% cash back. You using this with Windows Defender?


I got it for £7 as it was this price and 65% cashback.


​Thanks, was thinking of buying this, but the price increase seems like a bit of a p*ss take.


Yes. This was 2 weeks ago bud.

Anti-Malware + Anti-Exploit Protection £19.95 after cashback @ Malwarebytes (New customers)
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Posted 26th Nov 2016Posted 26th Nov 2016
Anti-Malware + Anti-Exploit Protection £19.95 after cashback @ Malwarebytes (New customers)£19.95
New customers only! Just applied myself through topcashback on the 65% cashback so if that goes through then this will cost around £8.

It says at the bottom *New customers only?


A lot of folks don't like paying when there are free editions about,I had been trialing the Anti-Eploit,so pleased to upgrade,I see renewal price is also £19.95 for the 2,and I think it's for anyone not just New customers,so a re-post my go warmer if users of the free version decide to upgrade


Nice! I don't get why it's cold. Will re post once this expired at cashback price as didn't do that at first. £7 for a year of protection on 2 products, what's not to like.


My cashback has tracked too,so even happier with saving,cheers op


Got my cashback of £12.93 so only paid £7.02 for these 2 products and a year.

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac - Free Version
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Posted 2nd Apr 2016Posted 2nd Apr 2016
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac - Free Version
An excellent little tool now available for Mac. I used to use the PC version all the time in a previous job and found it very effective against almost all malware. Given the incr… Read more
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Yes Macs get malware and now get something free, karma.


What ARE you blithering on about?


Oh dear! Mac users will get a shock. One to learn that they are vulnerable and two that they can get something free Anything Apple is usually triple the price, Malwarebytes could have got away with charging £50 for their "free " version ! Malwarebytes is one of the must have progs for a Windows pc .


But I thought Macs were so great they didn't get Virus's, Spyware or Malware. :) Seriously though it is a good addition on pc so well worth a download for mac. Voted +


Great bit of software! This along with a good anti virus will do wonders!

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO 20% Discount  £15.42
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Posted 29th May 2015Posted 29th May 2015
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO 20% Discount £15.42£15.42
This is a discount for the full version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, it's brilliant software most use the free version that is good enough for cleaning an infection, but the full … Read more
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Still live, for 3 pc's and a lot cheaper than their standard offer


Super cold. you can get keys from G2a for 40p


I use the Pro version and it is an EXCELLENT piece of software. Protects you if you're a BitTorrent user, visit any dodgy sites, install a free piece of software bundled with crapware, and many other situations. This picks up stuff that Antivirus programs are not designed to, and it is invaluable. At this price it's a great deal.


This used to be good but I think it has become very weak in the last year. It used to be the best program out there for cleaning out malware but not any more for me!


Paid less than this for 5 licenses for 2 years. Not voted

Malwarebytes Premium Lifetime from Pro for FREE if you already have pro version
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Posted 26th May 2014Posted 26th May 2014
Malwarebytes Premium Lifetime from Pro for FREE if you already have pro version
Malwarebytes Premium Lifetime from Pro for FREE
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No you actually get less. The pro version had lots of extra features which the premium does not have. I had the paid for pro version which was also free for life. I updated to this version and now get less. It is however as I said just a software update and is only free for people who paid for the pro version, who when they use it get told about the update like any other software update. This post serves no purpose at all.


No this post by somersetjoe is stating anyone who has paid for the Pro version only can now install the new Premium version and have it free for life. Basically Malwarebytes have upgraded/tweaked it's software and to thank all the investors (those that paid for the Pro version) they will have access to lifetime free Premium version which offers more than both the free and former Pro versions


Yes, but this is a link to get a software update to a programme you already own. Or should we now post every software update as they happen.


There are 2 versions - the Pro gives live protection but the free should not be used as a live Antivirus Protection Basically it depends on what you do online... I have Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender to protect my online activity although some would criticise these it all depends on your level of knowledge and what you browse or download. I download the occasional file that might have the potential of being infected Microsoft Security Essentials should protect me but for added security I will scan the odd potential risk using Malwarebytes. Also maybe once every 4 months I might run a Malwarebytes full system scan (only because I like to check/update /maintain my system). If you are 100% knowledgeable about the sites you use and the files you download and your current Antivirus is working and up to date then maybe you do not need Malwarebytes. Again if you do not have Antivirus protection you will need (and pay for) the Pro version or use another antivirus - if you have a up to date. working antivirus you do not need Malwarebytes unless you are at risk from downloading risky material.


There is still a free version - just do not accept the trial pro version and you will be ok Uninstall the old and download the new latest version malwarebytes look at the page select Free version and during install or after installing (can't remember which) there's something to check to not accept the Pro trial.

Malwarebytes Secure Backup BETA (for home use)
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Posted 29th Apr 2013Posted 29th Apr 2013
Malwarebytes Secure Backup BETA (for home use)
Backs up your files to a secure cloud server Scans files automatically with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware* Shares only malware-free files with your friends Manages backups and restores… Read more
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OK sorry, have expired it, didn't realise it was a trial


You only get 5GB in the trial, so completly unimpressed - it's designed to backup all your files yet you don't get enough space to do it.


1. It's a trial. 2. Convenient 100, 200, and 500 GB plans suggest you pay for different sizes although no mention of costs anwhere on site.


voted hot, however i don't like the idea of it being stored on U.S servers so i think i don't plan on using it too

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO (Lifetime License) £9.89
-4° Expired
Posted 28th Mar 2013Posted 28th Mar 2013
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO (Lifetime License) £9.89£9.89
WinZIP & Malwarebytes running promotion for Anti-Malware PRO licenses and it seems this one hasn't expired as previous one just recently. 1x licence per PC. After clicking on… Read more
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How is this cold? Idjuts...


"Home Licenses, 1 License Per PC" Wondered whether this allowed for buying a new computer. It seems it does.. "Licenses are transferable from old machines to new ones." price is showing as 12.95 when VAT is added.


All things are not equal and don't always do what they say on the tin.


You might wanna read this Mse not scoring well.


You shouldn't really do that after people have voted :{

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro (Lifetime License) - Half Price for 17 hours £10.16 @ Malwarebytes
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Posted 18th Mar 2013Posted 18th Mar 2013
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro (Lifetime License) - Half Price for 17 hours £10.16 @ Malwarebytes£10.16
One of the best pieces of malware software out there. Half price for 24 hours; 17 hours remaining. After clicking on the deal, change the currency on the top right of the Malwareb… Read more

Shows at full price now for me - too late :(


This did a really good job of cleaning my comp


Combofix is not something the average user is capable of using or should use.


And no insurance covers you for everything. If you ask most people they wont have ever claimed on their insurance policies but when they did, they wish they had covered themselves better. Same with this, most people wont need or see the benefit but it is a better product and the reviews on here are saying. There isnt a single person in this thread that hasnt said their freeware has picked up more than this, more people saying that they have got away with freeware where others have said it let them down. Getting this product is the best way of ensuring you are covered and at this price its good value. You may have another 15 years of happy computing however you may find that tomorrow you have an issue and this product would have stopped it for you. Your choice, your risk to take.


For what it's worth - as an independent computer tech - I have only had to use MAM on a couple of occasions for some particularly nasty virus infections, and the last time was a couple of years ago. For a long time, I've only needed to use Combofix, Hijackthis, and TDSSKiller to remove some of the worst infections. This is a good price and this is a good product. But it isn't necessary for most people. Techs may find this worth shelling out for though.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Consumer (pro)  lifetime license  & a game from $2.99
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Posted 19th Oct 2012Posted 19th Oct 2012
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Consumer (pro) lifetime license & a game from $2.99£1.61
This expired but is now back on :) I usually use Microsoft security essentials with the free version of Malwarebytes but for £1.61 for a lifetime licence and a free game I though… Read more

ordered on diff days.....maybe a certain amount of license holders per key.


Sadly for some, perhaps, I'm afraid they don't match. Both the ID and the Key are completely different from the ones sent to me. Worth exploring, though. :)


What's the verdict Newbold, do they match?


yup no problem pm sent


That's an interesting theory. Just to put it to the test, could you post yours (or perhaps parts of it) so we can check? :)

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO Lifetime £1.61 @ TrialPay
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Posted 20th Jun 2012Posted 20th Jun 2012
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO Lifetime £1.61 @ TrialPay£1.61
1. Click on this link: 2. Click on the green (or grey) "Get it Free" button after entering your details for the TrialPay offer. I… Read more

I've seen this trial pay thing before and I'm a bit weary of it. If anyone knows how safe or unsafe it is, I'd love to hear. Cheers.


Trialpay can work if there is a product that you may already be interested in buying that is on offer. Some deals may only be available in the US.


I've seen this trial pay thing before and I'm a bit weary of it. If anyone knows how safe or unsafe it is, I'd love to hear. Cheers.


What do you mean What do you mean? Neither companies will send you spam. And if you're talking about CNET then no, you're not signing up to them at all.


Spam Spam Spam You have to sign up to rubbish on the net.

Easterbunny Software Bundle (Backup, Antispamware edit photos) @ malwarebytes
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Posted 4th Apr 2012Posted 4th Apr 2012
Easterbunny Software Bundle (Backup, Antispamware edit photos) @ malwarebytes£32
I use malwarebytes and it is the best antivirus software that I have used besting the more expensive Symantec, Norton etc. I paid $24.95 for it after a very successful trial period… Read more

certainly a bargain for PRO Lifetime licence. very good program, works before most nasties can strike!!


MWB is by far the best


Thanks, considerably cheaper than from their own website


If you don't want the other junk with it, you can get MWB for £8.50 on Amazon.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free
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Posted 4th Jan 2012Posted 4th Jan 2012
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free
This is one of the best and most powerful anti-spyware applications in existence. Combine that with Comodo and your as safe as you can get.

Malwarebytes is better for non specific issues rather than the sledgehammer that is combofix. I will always use combofix if there is a specific virus (spoof av etc) issue to deal with.


FREE - But still one of the best. Needs to be added to a Freebie Hall of Fame IMHO.


Its always free for the basic - the version you pay for is superior and well worth the money.


yeap has always been FREE!


For Malware, nothing beats ComboFix, I use MalwareBytes as a precursory backup.

MalwareBytes Anti Malware Pro (Full Version) - £15.96 (Using Code) @ Malware Bytes
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Posted 28th Sep 2011Posted 28th Sep 2011
MalwareBytes Anti Malware Pro (Full Version) - £15.96 (Using Code) @ Malware Bytes£15.96
I know they have a free version, but if you like the software and want the pro version this is a better price than the usual £19.99. Use code: 5MU-NBU-DFR for 20% off the RRP. Ma… Read more

Even cheaper for the Retail Boxed version on Amazon - Delivered FREE


Combine the free version of Malwarebytes with Combofix, and you probably have the best anti malware removal tool ever


Yep valuable piece of kit for any pc owner.


I too use the free version but voted hot as it's a great bit of software gets rid of the more nastier malware without any probs


Thanks for the clarification No8 and the link UnclePotter.