MAM 15 Piece Self-Sterilising Anti-Colic Bottle Starter Set in Green £14 del to store @ Tesco

MAM 15 Piece Self-Sterilising Anti-Colic Bottle Starter Set in Green £14 del to store @ Tesco

Found 27th Oct 2012
has an rrp of over £43 @ Amazon where it is currently £20 del, its £19.99 @ Toysrus, £26.08 @ kiddisave & £28.59 @ boots, the set has excellent reviews @ these stores & across the net, I wish I'd come across them for my girls esp the youngest as she had bad colic & I ended up with the Dr Brown bottles whcih are such a pain to clean & with these bottles you don't have to have a seperate steriliser
Product Description
The MAM self-sterilising anti-colic bottles starter set is a total solution for feeding babies from birth until their first birthday. This set includes the components for eight bottles (in three different sizes) complete with handles and a spout to move baby onto a cup when they're ready. There is also a MAM soother and sealing discs to turn the smaller bottles into milk storage pots. MAM anti-colic bottles now have a self-sterilising feature--three minutes in the microwave and they are ready to use with no need for a steriliser, making them perfect for feeding on the go. The holes in the base of the bottle help to minimise colic symptoms by reducing the amount of air swallowed by baby, which means 80% less colic. The bottles are available in 130 ml, 160 ml and 260 ml sizes. The patented MAM silicone teat has a silky soft feeling which encourages a natural suckling action just like during breast feeding, making the switch between mum and MAM easy. The teats are also available to buy separately in four different flow rates: slow, medium, fast and cross cut.
Box Contains
2 x MAM self-sterilising anti-colic 130 ml bottles

2 x MAM self-sterilising anti-colic 160 ml bottles

4 x MAM self-sterilising anti-colic 260 ml bottle bodies

4 x MAM silk slow flow teats

4 x MAM sealing discs

1 x MAM soft spout

1 x MAM handle

1 x MAM starter soother
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this is a really good price esp for the self sterilising bottles. An excellent present too
Not the ideal solution IMHO, though the price is good. Id want 8 bottles the same size and 8 powder holders, so you can make a whole days worth the evening before. Why would you want different sized bottles? Buy one set that goes up to 210 or 240mls and you dont need to change them. Not voted.
it a good price but Im not impressed by MAM. It is ok that its self sterilised but its leaking(i did close it properly)
ihave bought a lot when it was on sale but now im just trying to get rid off them on ebay but noone wants it either
voted hot as its a deal
so you're saying you're trying to get rid of them but you've still voted it hot?!
Great price for this set. Alex7911 - we had problems with leaking then I contacted them and it is to do with the anti colic vent thing at the bottom. If you pour boiling water in and just shut the lid it will leak but if you put the hot water in, fasten the lid, shake and then loosen to break the suction they don't leak.
BTW, I have loved these bottles and my daughter has never had colic problems. We tried tommee tippee and avent ones too but came back to these and the self sterilising thing is so handy, especially if you are travelling to a family member or friend.
I have used MAM bottles for both my children (most recent with this set). I love them and neither of my children have ever had colic or problems with mixed feeding - highly recommended especially with the sterilising feature which is soooo handy! They don't leak if secured properly and you allow the water to cool slightly. A great starter kit.

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i think the idea of different sizes is also to use for food? as small flasks. I dont think you'd need 8 made up as the idea of that was to sterilise all at once whereas with these you can literally do one at a time in the microwave. Id have had them def x
I had these its a good set. My daughter is 1 now and we have the MAM all in one bottles in pink. She did have bad colic though and we ended up using Doctor Browns Bottles which are a faff to clean. We had the odd one leak but probably as we were new parents and exhausted and didnt put them together properly! Just the anti colic didnt work for us. Good Price tho.
Not bad at all, and i can get 10% discount too
Is there any discount codes available
I used these for my last child and have bought a set for this one (am 38 weeks) the smaller bottles are handy for storing expressed milk in. My boys never took a full bottle of the bigger ones and the way they come apart are handy for storage.... Plus I don't need to spend a silly amout of money on a steriliser fantastic price. HOT
Currently unavailable.
My order has been rejected :-(
Rubbish gimmick. I wouldn't trust the self sterilising feature at all, leaks mean bacteria and mould get in
I bought these at the start of the year for my baby boy from Argos and they where £20, they worked wonders with his colic and where perfect with the self sterilising. I took them on holiday with my twice. The smaller parts are for when you have a newborn as they don't need as much milk, my boy is now 9 month old and on 7oz so thats when the bigger ones come in. Basically they grow with the child. Highly recomend.
Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog PLAYPENNIES
Just got these after trying one borrowed from my sister and they're great especially at this price.thanks x
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