MAM baby bottle teats (Fit MAM bottles) INSTORE only @ Sainsburys

MAM baby bottle teats (Fit MAM bottles) INSTORE only @ Sainsburys

Found 27th Jan 2012
MAM bottles are fab (if your a mum... OR dad you proberly agree)
Had troubles introducing bottles until i discovered these! They have a very soft and specially shaped teat.

As baby grows bigger - you have to update the teat size, MAM offer
flow 1 0months + (slow)
flow 2 2months +(med)
flow 3 4months + (fast)
flow X 6months +

these are normally 2 packets and retail at
£4.25 -
£4.00 - current Amazon price
Also at Boots, mothercare

normally sell at sainsburys at £4.49 (not online) but today saw them instore for £1.27 advertised, after buying some flow 2 med sized ones they scanned at £1.11 ! (not sure if other sized ones will go through at 1.11 or 1.27 though.) Bargain!

Hope this is handy for somebody
Have reciept if anybody wants to see.


"(if your a mum you proberly agree)"

Or a dad, perhaps? They exist too, y'know...

((Thanks for editing!!))
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Thank you for pointing that slight error out...have edited!! ( ps.if you are a dad that knows the brand of teats i am very very impressed as my hubby has NO clue!!)

ooo hope they have them in my local i will call in tomorrow

These can be used with Avent bottles too. (but you cant use Avent teats with Mam bottles...)

got some from my local today- thanks OP i use mam teats in all kinds of bottles ( just not TT closer to nature)
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