Mamas and Papas Beat Buggy down from £97.89 to £64.99 @ Argos

Mamas and Papas Beat Buggy down from £97.89 to £64.99 @ Argos

Found 23rd Apr 2009
The fantasctic beat buggy is reduced by argos again, they sold out quickly last time they did this and as M


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NB - I have just reserved mine online every store I checked had at least 4 instock (of the black ones) Sorbet (Pink) also available in this discount!

Be careful with these buggies. They are great for small children, but my sorbet one was very dangerous for my toddler. It doesn't seem well weighted at all. With my toddler, (aged 18 months) when the seat was reclined and she was sleeping it was extremely unsturdy, and twice while she was asleep, it fully tipped back. It could have caused a serious injury. I had nothing hanging on it. After the second time, I decided enough was enough, I returned it to Argos, who were great, they were shocked when I showed them how easily it tipped (without much force or weight at all-try it) and refunded me immediately, and I was sent a £20 voucher. The pushchair was returned to Mamas and Papas, who claimed they had not had enough complaints to take the matter further.

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Sorry but I have to totally disagree! We have one already with our 2 yr old (nearly 3) he loves it and sleeps in it all the time, the only time ours tips is if the wife puts too many shopping bags on the back and then gets him out! We had it from birth as my wife couldn't use our heavy pram without me and it's still in fantastic condition.
Maybe you just had a faulty one?
Oh well each to their own!

Just reserved one. It will be perfect for my little one on holiday. Thanks

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my thoughts exactly!
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