Mamas and Papas Skate (Pram) £399

Mamas and Papas Skate (Pram) £399

Found 3rd Oct 2008
This should be one of the best prams around and now in the Mamas and Papas sale!! Normal price is £575 but you now save £176.

Go for it!

The innovation award winning Skate has a pram and pushchair mode integrated into one space saving seat unit, which adjusts up and down the chassis and tilts and reclines, so your baby can explore from all angles. As there is nothing to add or remove, getting out and about is easy and hassle free!

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- Suitable from birth with lie flat carrycot
- All in One - both pushchair and traditional pram mode in one unit
- Face to face and forward facing
- Slide seat unit up the chassis to bring your baby closer to you
- Travel system compatible with Primo Viaggio IP (adaptors come included)
- 3 position backrest recline
- 3 position seat unit recline
- Height and angle adjustable handle - perfect for everyone!
- Pneumatic tyres & pump included
- Removable wheels front and back
- Individual wheel suspension
- Gate opening bumper bar is also removable
- Folds with seat unit on in two simple steps, or without seat unit for a more compact fold
- Cup holder
- Primo Viaggio I.P. / carrycot seat adjusts up and down the chassis
- Adjustable hood - zip extends for carrycot mode
- Zip extend apron for more leg space
- Raincover & apron included.
- Slip pocket in back of seat unit

Age Guideline: Birth - 15kg
Skate Weighs: 13.7kg approx.
Size: H: 113 x W: 60.5 x D: 81cm approx.
Folded Size (chassis only)
H: 37.5 x W: 60.5 x D: 81cm approx.
Chassis Weighs: 9.5kg approx.

Skate Includes - Chassis with elasticated storage net, Seat unit (pram pushchair all in one), Apron and hood, PVC raincover, Car seat adaptors, Tyre pump, Drinks/bottle holder.
Travel System Compatible Face to Face Pvc Included Lie Flat
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£399 for a pram/pushchair whatever! Where's the deal in that?
when you normally pay 575! I am not saying you can't get a cheaper pram/pushchair but this one normally cost 575 and now 399 either you are not very good at math or you just don't understand a good deal!
it a horrible looking pram though isn't it , i don't see what all the fuss is about these mamas and papas prams, we've just spent over £400 on a pram which is imo is a lot better than this one
hmm I like it! I like the original Peg Perego Skate Mocha better but impossible to get in the UK as M&P have rebranded it to a M&P and changed the colours.
Im a Bugaboo fan,,, never to be converted!!

Not voted btw good deal in essence
Pram for people with more money than sense, You can get a good pram for half the price that does the same thing "Keep you child safe and warm/cool"
I still love the Graco travel systems, I have 3 kids(one a 6 month old) and Graco is all I've ever used, good prams with all your accesories for around £200, cannae moan at that.

Infact my first graco was on special offer and was only £140 and not only was it good enough for my first baby it also did my 2nd. I bought a different one for my 3rd tho as the buggy lay in the room doing nothing and got a little damp.

I'm no keen on buggys that have they wee wheels, I like it to have big wheels at the front and back, but not the ones that ya fill with air cos I reckon there just a pain in the ass.

I can see this would be a good deal to some people, but not me, for the price M&Ps are asking I could get a decent cot and buggy.

Pram for people with more money than sense, You can get a good pram for … Pram for people with more money than sense, You can get a good pram for half the price that does the same thing "Keep you child safe and warm/cool"

Ha Ha~ agreee! £400 quid is mad to spend on one thing with a baby on the way!:w00t:
Although the discount is ok!
seems a bit different.
If it is 399 down from 575 then if its no cheaper elsewhere its hot deal pretty much end of story.
Though i think this is getting to the time of year when models are being replaced/updated so it may just be a normal cut to make way.
This site is full of clueless opinions on what people should spend their money on.
This is for a baby, one of the biggest money drains a person can get - ban mentions of babies they are not good deals!
Thanks brilly nice to hear someone that don't just have an opinion but looks at the deal! The new version of the Skate is not out until May so this price will defo go back up.

I have been looking for a skate for yonks and can now save 175 squids so a VERY hot deal for me.
Nice! Ive got a mamas & papas & loved it for when my little one was small & it was well looked after so will do the rest as well, but i moved to graco when he was over one as he + the mama & papas buggy was too heavy to push around.
It's lovely yes but after six months you'll be desperate for a lightweight buggy as this is a big heavy thing! you'll also need a big car boot. Also it doesn't seem to have a shopping basket, so no good for hotdealers who love to shop :thumbsup: I think the M&P basic Pliko is probably the best value pushchair they do, folds pretty small and isn't too heavy.

The best pushchair I ever had was a Maclaren Superdreamer when I had my first baby nearly 14 years ago - it ticked all the boxes - they just don't make them like that anymore I currently have a Petite Star Zia which is lovely but has a teeny weeny shopping basket> I have now got my eye on this…2S4 check out the shopping basket (did I mention I like a big shopping basket ?:-D)
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