Mamas and papas Sola 2 in 1 in truffle pram and pushchair £195 delivered from M&P

Mamas and papas Sola 2 in 1 in truffle pram and pushchair £195 delivered from M&P

Found 24th Jun 2012
My firstborn is on the way and like all dads to be i am slowly working through the endless list of things to buy.

I saw the earlier post about the john lewis £200 all in one clearance sale and went in store with the wife to have a look. It was too fiddly and heavy for our liking and so we went to mamas and papas on regent st..

The sola is light weight and has easy clip and release system. Folds with relative ease too. Came home to find that its on sale for 195 down from 265 on the M&P website. My wife is quite petite too.. So a big and heavy pram is out of the question. This is only the truffle coloured one which looks great too!

With free delivery, i ordered straight away. Carry cot and car seat optional extras.

Hope this is useful to someone.
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by the way the umbrellas are on sale too for a tenner down from 26.
personally prefer the JL as it has the free carseat, and the carrycot was on,y £50 extra - this could end up costing a fortune in extras.
Voted COLD. If you really care for the safety of your baby I would NOT recommend this pushchair at all.

I am saying this as a firsthand user who had nothing but grief from this pushchair and Mamas & Papas themselves. The design of the Sola is flawed yet M&P still sell it. The flaw is the lack of a locking system for the backrest. On numerous occasions, whilst trying to board a bus or mount some low steps the backrest would suddenly swing forwards, baby and all. Fearing for my baby's safety and spine I reported the issue to Mamas & Papas who believed it was faulty.

I then returned it to the Regent St store where the appalling customer service offered me a dirty pushchair whilst my Sola went off for inspection. The manager was unapologetic and couldn't care less. It was either take the dirty substitute or nothing so I opted not to take it for hygiene reasons and my baby son, through no fault of his own, was grounded for almost 2 weeks.

The Sola was returned to my address with the repairs team claiming that there was no fault. It is difficult to reproduce this dangerous design flaw without actually having a baby seated in it and if I had it my way I would have all the Solas recalled and destroyed on health and safety grounds. I called customer service up to get a refund but because it was over a month since I'd bought it they refused to regardless of the fact that they'd sold me an unsafe product.

I then took to posting a negative review explaining the design flaw, but guess what? Not long after it had been posted they took it down and then tried to buy me off with an emailed apology and a £15 voucher. Since then I have avoided Mamas & Papas like the plague as their customer service is terrible. They're quick to pocket your money but don't care when genuine concerns are raised. Despite having bought the majority of my nursery products from them they didn't seem to care at all for my custom.

DO NOT BUY THE SOLA! Try lifting/tilting the pushchair towards yourself as you would naturally do on an incline with a baby in the seat and you'll see the safety risk I'm talking about. The same safety risk they refused to acknowledge as it is one of their top sellers, and also because it would lead to negative publicity if they had to do a recall.

You're better off going for a Bugaboo from John Lewis as they will take care of you if ever there's an issue.
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PS: Read the negative reviews for the Sola and you'll also see a problem with he pushchair squeaking, a fault I also experienced. Not only that, I would not be surprised to know that Mamas and Papas tweak the review ratings by removing ones that reveal the major issues with the pushchair.

They are NOT TO BE TRUSTED after they removed my review.
I too had nothing but problems with Mamas and Papas, they sold me a product not as described but as i had bought the travel system before my baby was even born it was a while before i discovered this and had a fight on my hands with a very unprofessional
company! I dealt with a very rude lady from CS and eventully got Trading Standards involved. I finally got a while new travel system, the one i bought was taken back but i vowed never to buy from them awful company to deal with and some very nasty staff. My friend has this pushchair though and hasn't mentioned this as a fault but
i will bring this to her attention thankyou
Personally I have had no problems with the sola and think this is a fab deal!

Personally I have had no problems with the sola and think this is a fab … Personally I have had no problems with the sola and think this is a fab deal!

Likewise. No problems whatsoever.
Never had problems with mamas and papas or their products. We have three of their prams. Customer service has always been fantastic.

We got out sola from the Cheshire Oaks outlet store for £105 as an ex display model. Suited me because I didn't have to wait for a delivery, wheeled it straight out of the shop and still got a 12 month warranty with it.

Great pram, but the offer price is a lot more than I paid!
Hi, I am really close to buying this as I've been looking at prams and car seats for ages in prep for our first baby. I thought the Solo pram and Cybex Aton car seat were good value and seem to get good reviews. Is this not a good product?
While i was shopping around yesterday in store, this one ticked all my boxes. Don't know about the long term issues though, but i reckon for every bad review there's probably 10+ satisfied customers.

I've ordered one from M&P, coming on tuesday, so i'll post here if i find any issues. though i don't see any yet. We won't be using it till November
here's a post on netmums about the sola ..…tml

I have a truffle sola pram, thinks it fab!!!! Have had no bother with it an my son is 8 months and is a larger baby so holds the weight gud! It's a lot cheaper than other brands out there, I would recommend this to any new mother to be! Cheap stylist and Practile for every day life. Simple so dnt b put off by other comments x
Thanks for your help. All the kit needed is a bit daunting so any help is appreciated.

here's a post on netmums about the sola .. … here's a post on netmums about the sola ..

This link is brilliant. Looks like a winner!
Ordered one, sold out now. Great deal
Ordered one, sold out now. Great deal
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