Mamas and papas urbo toy pram £12.00 tesco

Mamas and papas urbo toy pram £12.00 tesco

Found 4th Sep 2013
Just been in tesco oldham and the mamas and papas urbo dolls pram purple spotty design was reduced to £12.00 marked down with yellow clearance sign.


This was posted last week

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Oh sorry !!

This was £30 in Dundee store on Sunday

I went to 8 stores and couldn't find any


This was posted last week

Think that was the pram, not buggy...

The pram converts into a buggy, it's the same thing

Ah, so it does, my mistake. Gutted there weren't any in my area though...


This was £30 in Dundee store on Sunday

Did you scan it? Tesco are famous for not displaying the right price

Theres nice ones at kiddie-care too for £10

hi is the the big tescos?

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Yes it's the big tesco extra Huddersfield road oldham they was on the end of the card aisle !!

thanks text a friend to go see if theres any left to get me 1 as she lives beside it thanks

Thanks will check it

Did they have many only just seen this and don't fancy a wasted journey if there were a few I may still have a chance!!

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They had 4 left last night at 9pm x

Just got back from Surrey Quays Tesco's and had 3 on shelf, Was reduced to £37.99 but when scanned £12!!! Was told on phone they had 6 in stock... Very happy!!! Thank you for the post

None left in hull St Stephens

There's two left at tesco Bradley stoke, bristol
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