Mamas & Papas Pro Sleep IP ISOFIX Base (Was £125) Now £15.00

Mamas & Papas Pro Sleep IP ISOFIX Base (Was £125) Now £15.00

Found 21st Oct 2010
While looking for a new car seat for my daughter I noticed this on the Mamas & Papas website.
Excellent dealt if you have the Pro Sleep IP car seat. Has been £125 now down to £15.
I have the primo viaggio car seat with the Isofix base and it is an absolute god send to get in and out of the car, as I found out when I had to use the seatbelt when using my husbands car this week!
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thank you very much for this deal i have just bought one for £14 as i have a £5 voucher brilliant buy x
Hi, can I use it only with Pro Sleep IP car seat, or other isofix seat as well (britax, graco.etc)???oO
I have just spoken to Mamas and Papas you can only use this base with their PRO SLEEP IP car seat no other.
Its just the pro sleep and primo viaggro as i have the pro sleep but selling mine lol as got the herbie pram and pro sleep goes on with out adaptors. all for sale as never used any of it, but would have got this as thats a bargain if you have those seats.
Are the Pro Sleep IP seat is safe, can't find them in any test?
They are a good seat, the seat lies back when not in the car and very sturdy, had good reports but mamas and papas have discontinued it now so that maybe why but its not old. They are very sturdy and padded seats. I just didnt like the herbie i got as too big for my car so both never got used.
This is a top buy, just ordered
Using for the second baby when I couldn't afford to get the isofix with the first

I cant seem to find any Pro Sleep car seats???
The don't sell the pro sleep seats any more
I bought mine approximately 18 months ago, now they've got a new range of seats
I would only buy this if you have a pro sleep or can obtain one second hand
Have just bought one, absolutely love the car seat bought it 2 years ago, and am using it with my second baby, fantastic price for the base, thanks!

I cant seem to find any Pro Sleep car seats???

Here's one....…tml

Here's one.... … Here's one....

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