Mamas & Papas Staines closing down, everything on sale
Mamas & Papas Staines closing down, everything on sale

Mamas & Papas Staines closing down, everything on sale

The store in Two Rivers is closing down, so everything has up to 50% off, I bought my baby's christening dress and some sleepsuits half price. They'll close on 1st of february.

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Is it full closure or refurb?

Full store in Glasgow St Enoch Centre is closing too.........the next chain in trouble maybe?

York had 2 and the biggest 1 closed last year

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Full closure, today was the first time I saw more than 3 costumers in the store...

one in Cheshire is closed now too... I thought they were doing pretty well

Reading is also closing and has the same sale. Think it's 26th closing date

Metro centre store also closing

I think they must be in trouble. They are just too expensive.

I was in the Staines ones yesterday, picked up a half price pushchair and couple of their knitted blankets.
It's closing for good, staff I spoke too where taking redundancy.

Was in there today, I don't think it would be worth a special trip at the current prices. A lot of stuff was marked at 15-30% off marked price, but they were actually already offering similar online anyway. Worse still some stuff was actually cheaper on line. When you consider they offer no returns/refunds for anything bought in the store (as its closing down) even with price parity buying in store is a worse deal

If you're going to be nearby anyway, its worth checking out for some clothes that have been marked 50% down. But most stuff was not worth it currently.
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