Unfortunately, this deal has expired 8 April 2023.
Posted 27 March 2023

Mammut 4 Slide Climbers' package - Climbing harness, belay device, carabiner, chalk bag & chalk balls £60 @ Mammut

£60£10040% off
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Bit of a niche one as climbing gear doesn't seem to be mega popular on here, but this is a really strong deal for a beginners/intermediate climbing set for people who want to start top roping. I recently bought my partner a new set from the local climbing centre and it was well over £100 for the above bits (and no where near as solid a brand as Mammut.

This has been OOS for a good while and I've wanted to post it as a deal for ages, so glad I can post it today now it's back.

Both size ranges available as of posting.

Mammut's 4 Slide harness usually retails for £65ish alone so you're essentially getting a discount on the harness and getting a £20 chalk bag, £10 carabiner, £17 belay and chalk balls thrown in for free, delivered.

If anyone has any questions about climbing, I'll try and answer them. It's an absolutely brilliant sport that's totally changed my life
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  1. NoMoneyNoHoney's avatar
    Recommended for Via Ferreta?
    PotatoSalad11's avatar
    Yes the harness is fine for via ferrata (I have a very similar harness and have done plenty of via ferratas with it). You will need specific via ferrata equipment in addition to this though.
  2. TheGalaxy's avatar
    Seems a great price for a kit that covers basically everything you need to get started with roped climbing, I spent this much on my harness alone I think
  3. D_Nuxx's avatar
    Hi, looks like a great deal, thanks for sharing. Can I please ask why you say good for top roping rather than lead climbing? Just getting into it all and would like to do lead eventually... cheers!
    dan_uk's avatar
    dan_uk Author
    Good question. I didn’t really want to confuse people so kept it at top roping in the description, mainly because this will be what most beginners get exposure to first. Certainly my gym won’t let you lead until you’ve done the top rope competency course because of the enhanced dangers in lead and the higher skill ceiling. There’s nothing to stop you lead climbing with this but you’ll need the added expense of your own rope (£100ish) and possibly other clips, carabiners etc unless your gym provides it for you. 

    If you’re just starting then definitely top rope to learn your climbing chops and then progress to lead. This will be an absolutely great harness for lead, unless you’re doing some mad free ascent which requires you to take loads of gear half way up Ben Nevis! 
  4. akjolly's avatar
    Great deal! Thanks for sharing!
    dan_uk's avatar
    dan_uk Author
    I can only assume it's a previous season's colourway or something as the discount is pretty deep for an evergreen product like the harness. Glad someone appreciated it
  5. PotatoSalad11's avatar
    Very good price. I got a similar package to this from Mammut about 7 years ago and it was £85 back then, so this seems great. I still use it all today. Ultimately all harnesses need to conform to certain standards so you're fine to buy any, but it's nice to have a more premium (no experienced climber wants a ClimbX or Simond logo hanging about their kit for too long ).

    When I say "any" obviously avoid the likes of eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Wish etc. for anything like this!
  6. D_Nuxx's avatar
    Ah great, that all makes sense! Good to know that it should last me a while in that case.

    Thanks for your quick reply and sharing the deal, just bought the set so look forward to trying it out!!
    dan_uk's avatar
    dan_uk Author
    Make sure you look into gyms with auto belay. They’re an absolutely brilliant way to increase your confidence and skill set without needing a partner to belay you.

    I’m going to use my gym’s auto belay tomorrow because I’ve set myself the challenge of climbing the height of the Burj Khalifa in a day. What an idiot
  7. This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Heat! I love seeing things I have never ever considered before on HUKD, thanks OP!
  8. matthews9479's avatar
    Would this be okay for Everest
    dan_uk's avatar
    dan_uk Author
    Give it a go and let us know
  9. pupcake's avatar
    xs-m oos
    dan_uk's avatar
    dan_uk Author
    If it’s something you’re interested in, it’s been in and out of stock pretty regularly on the Mammut website so worth checking back in a couple of weeks
  10. stoufer_the_cat's avatar
    Great for the mother in law, after *cough* making a few modifications
    dan_uk's avatar
    dan_uk Author
    “Just let go. You’ll be right… Honest”
  11. dan_uk's avatar
    dan_uk Author
    Deal seems to have been hidden again. Will reactivate at the point they put it back live on the Mammut website. Cheers for all the positive feedback on the deal
  12. pupcake's avatar
    waiting for it to re-activate!
  13. louiselouise's avatar
    Not sure if they'd ever get it in again but Sports Direct had Mammut climbing rope (different varieties) on there a few weeks ago. My partner was into climbing in his younger years, by the time he'd decided to buy they were all gone.
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