Man Flu Survival Kit - £8 or 3 for 2 @ Boots

Man Flu Survival Kit - £8 or 3 for 2 @ Boots

Found 28th Oct 2009
Protect yourself against the deadliest form of flu;

To summon vital pillow-fluffing assistance and request a reviving cuppa.

Boots Feverscan® Forehead Thermometer
To check the fevered brow of heroic patient.

Boots Vitamin C 1000 mg - Pk of 20 effervescent tablets.
To support your immune system.

Botanics Eucalyptus Essential Oil 2.5ml
Helps gallant patient keep a clear head.

Boots Essentials Lipsalve original SPF15 Hydrates
Soothes and protects parched lips ready for reviving cuppa.

Boots Ultra Balm Pocket Tissues - Pack of 10
Helps keep noble nose free of drips and the dreaded Rudolph-effect courtesy of a totally macho soothing balm.
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cold from me and a few snivvels rofl
sexist rubbish, and overpriced
sexist and expensive pap. who would buy this tut...seriously??
burn ya bra lol
Great idea - I'm surprised that bells haven't been included before to be honest.
sexist? really? like really?

also +rep for mancomb seepgood
I could have sworn I was the one running around after my wife when she had flu all last week, and I don't ever remember it being the other way round. They should rename it woman flu survival kit... oh hang on that would be sexist.

sexist rubbish, and overpriced

some people should lighten up a bit :whistling:
sexist?? Its a joke. Get a life!


How's it racist ?

Can't people take a joke anymore......
I thought it quite funny actually - sorry !!!
Lol this'd make an amusing random gift for my dad or brother.
Man flu is just a fabrication by the lazy women who can't be bothered to care for their sick man.
But when she gets sick gents you'd better be sympathetic!
whats all the tissues for
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