Man On Wire (2008) - Blu-ray - £9.97 @

Man On Wire (2008) - Blu-ray - £9.97 @

Found 6th Mar 2009
Brilliant movie, deservedly won Best Documentary at this year's Academy Awards. Next cheapest is at £14.89

From Amazon:

MAN ON A WIRE is a spellbinding documentary that chronicles the stunning achievement of one Philippe Petit, a French-born performance artists who walked a hire wire between the South and North Towers of the World Trade Center in New York during the seventies. The stunt--six years in the planning--involved meticulous organization and was completely illegal. Not content attempting the death-defying feat once, Petit would complete the walk 110 floors above the streets of Manhattan eight times, only stopping when he was arrested. Directed by British filmmaker James Marsh (THE KING, WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP), MAN ON WIRE celebrates this truly incredible event and sheds light upon the man that made it happen.


Hot deal, Amazing Doc

I haven't seen this but it sounds pretty good, Voted HOT

Dull as ditchwater - should include matchsticks....snoozeathon
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