Man On Wire [Blu-ray] - £7.99 / [DVD] - £4.99 delivered @ HMV !
Man On Wire [Blu-ray] - £7.99 / [DVD] - £4.99 delivered @ HMV !

Man On Wire [Blu-ray] - £7.99 / [DVD] - £4.99 delivered @ HMV !

DVD version available for £4.99 @ Play / CD-WOW

Blu-ray version for £7.99 @ HMV (next best £9.87)

MAN ON A WIRE is a spellbinding documentary that chronicles the stunning achievement of one Philippe Petit, a French-born performance artists who walked a hire wire between the South and North Towers of the World Trade Center in New York during the seventies. The stunt--six years in the planning--involved meticulous organization and was completely illegal. Not content attempting the death-defying feat once, Petit would complete the walk 110 floors above the streets of Manhattan eight times, only stopping when he was arrested. Directed by British filmmaker James Marsh (THE KING, WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP), MAN ON WIRE celebrates this truly incredible event and sheds light upon the man that made it happen.


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good price-still 15 quid for the dvd in asda! altho it is on bbc2 on sunday night-not sure if its on hd channel tho.

Fantastic film - absolutely gripping stuff.

On bbc 2 this sunday


On bbc 2 this sunday


watched this last night, what an amazing guy, must have balls of steel!

Play.com had the dvd for £2.99 at the weekend but it's gone up now

The last half hour is the business end of this film - there's a lot of guff to wade through prior to that. Would have turned it off well before the end if I hadn't read such good reviews of it beforehand.

Great film, but mainly shot in grainy black and white with colour interviews. I have this on BR and wish I'd only got the DVD really. Crazy bloke though!!!

amazing documentary
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