man utd moneybox yes £1 in poundland

man utd moneybox yes £1 in poundland

Found 2nd Sep 2009
a must have for every manu re fan featuring as it does man utd legend one carlos"welcome to manchester" tevez!! still you could put a sticker on his face!
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Yh I have seen these in poundland.
They also have many different one in other poundlands if you like Man U as much as I do
Are these official ones?
Man U suck ****! :w00t:
Has it goy the Man Utd millions of pounds in it ??
Good cheap gift, just a shame the ABUs are voting it cold.

Are these official ones?

Yes these have the gold crest sticker on that say "official merchandise".

They are really smart, look good. They are cylinder shaped (like a large coke can). For £1 this is brill

They also have Hannah Montana ones lol :thumbsup:
P.S - I think its quite sad that people have voted cold just because they dont support Man U. At the end of the day these look really smart, they are official merchandise and for a Man U fan these are a bargain !
I expect the ones who don't like Man U and voting cold are also the ones who cause trouble at matches. personally I don't care for football and do not understand why people think they have the right to attack others because of a difference of opinion or judgement.
I vote HOT cause even though I don't want a money box I believe its a good price....which is surely what voting on here is about
it aint expired either(i don tsupport man u by the way

it aint expired either(i don tsupport man u by the way

There was loadssssssssss at the store near me so its not expired at all !
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