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Mancera Cedrat Boise 120ml EDP - £53.99 Delivered @ Notino

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Quite possibly the cheapest this has been.

Fantastic fragrance, similar DNA to Aventus (much nicer IMO) with excellent performance.


Lots of other Mancera fragrances on offer at the moment as well:


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Mancera Cedrat Boise Eau de Parfum combines the scents of citruses, wood, and leather into a refreshing summer composition.

  • a lasting citrus fragrance
  • invigorating and sunny
  • carefree and nonchalant fragrance for hot days
Composition of the fragrance
Mancera Cedrat Boise opens with accords of Sicilian lemon accompanied by blackcurrant and spicy notes. The heart includes the aquatic scent of jasmine with patchouli leaves, and the drydown is composed of woody notes, oakmoss, and vanilla. A dark leather accord imbues the fragrance with more drama.

Story of the fragrance
Cedrat Boise was first introduced in 2011. It is made from rare luxury ingredients and inspired by Art Deco aesthetic, combining the best from Western and Eastern style. This is a casual, sophisticated fragrance with fresh fruits, seductive flowers, and an opulent drydown.

Top notes Sicilian Lemon, Black Currant, Spices
Middle notes Patchouli LeavesBase notesLeather, Oakmoss, Woody Notes, Vanilla
Fragrance categorycitrus, aromatic

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Notino More details at Notino

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  1. Athisham_Iqbal's avatar
    What a fantastic price for this niche gem! Great alternative to Creed Aventus and in my opinion, an overall better scent. However, worth noting though, the newer batches are a little watered down in my opinion... The longevity is OK, 6 hours max. Nevertheless, a great perfume to have in your collection.
  2. Joni23's avatar
    Very nearly bought the 60ml for more than this last week and thought that was a good deal
  3. chopstickemporium's avatar
    Nice deal, blind buy, hope it’s good. Thank you
  4. PC59's avatar
    For anyone that missed it, I would say it's still worth it at 83£
  5. pearlofwisdom's avatar
    Price gone up to £83.50 now, inflation kicked in fast
    AOT's avatar
    Seems available still, get it quick
  6. sosodef's avatar
    Glad I ordered this as soon as I saw the post, thank you! Got it for £54. Been waiting for a good deal on this fragrance for a while
  7. goody's avatar
    and bought .....
  8. AOT's avatar
    Was looking at this last night and it was over £60 I was close to buying, now I gotta
    edgeone's avatar
    Same here, I've been using a very good clone that has run out and nearly pulled the trigger at £65.30. At this price it's actually cheaper than the clone. Glad I waited.
  9. maxtesti's avatar
    I got a 120ml over three years ago and it's still three-quarters full. Unless it's been reformulated, it's very strong. I mixed it with 'Molecule 01 + Mandarin' because it's too strong - and sweet. At this price though, it's a great deal. But I'll wait for the Intense version...
    NIgelK's avatar
    I’ve been looking at M01+ range, slightly off topic, have you got any of the new ones?
  10. NIgelK's avatar
    Cracking deal
  11. trueblue26's avatar
    Bloody hell fire that’s cheap
  12. NIgelK's avatar
    £54.19 for me, still a cracking price but knowing Notino and their fluid pricing it may be creeping up already. Best jump on it asap
    AOT's avatar
    Same price for me, still great. Never smelt but I love aventus style. What's this like compared to intense version
  13. trueblue26's avatar
    There’s some right bobby dazzlers in the clearance section
  14. edgeone's avatar
    Well that didn't last long. Glad I ordered when I did!
    AOT's avatar
    Deal looks still available to me
  15. tom6195's avatar
    How's the longevity?
    edgeone's avatar
    Excellent - easy 12 hours on me
  16. PassportPowell's avatar
    Delicious scent
  17. dannyblind's avatar
    £50.20 for me 😁😁😁
  18. sattie_c's avatar
    I have this scent, I don think it smells like creed but definitely one of my favourites out of my collection
  19. tom6195's avatar
    Is this more of a summer scent?
    PC59's avatar
    Yeah it is but it's so strong that even in winter it works and the woodsy dry down it's all season tbh
  20. furneaux82's avatar
    I bought a bottle of aoud lemon mint from notino last week, my first mancera buy. I heard so may great reviews on it and about the longevity. I am very disappointed, it lasts only 4 hours, but because its my first bottle I have nothing to compare it to. Its a nice smell but I definitely think they must have reformulated it, as its not got that "beast mode" performance its know for.
    dannyblind's avatar
    Lemon line is my So many compliments with that fragrance. Vetiver sensual is another decent scent
  21. v5535's avatar
    Gone up
  22. roadie's avatar
    I missed out on this also!
    edgeone's avatar
    Keep checking back - the price has bounced about a bit today
  23. chopstickemporium's avatar
    Received today. Not sure whether to open it up or gift it. Anyone know where in London I can smell this?
    edgeone's avatar
    The clone Miracle Wood from perfume parlour is nearly identical and they do small bottles for a few quid - probably the cheapest way of trying without getting a decent or test spray of the original.
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