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Posted 30 January 2023

Mancera - Red Tobacco 120ml + free discovery fragrance box to choose from £67.60 with code + £3.99 delivery @ Notino

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Red is warm and mesmerizing. Red Tobacco is an incredibly potent and sexy fragrance that mixes Cuban tobacco and spices. A true heat wave.

Saffron, Cinnamon, Incense, Nutmeg, White Peach, Green Apple & Nepalese Oud.

Leaves of Patchouli & Delicate Jasmine.

Precious Tobacco, Amber, Woody Notes, Vetiver, Vanilla Pods & White Musk.
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  1. TommyGunn's avatar
    Great price but definitely not a safe blind buy. I really thought I'd love this but it was way too strong for me. There was a very sweet note in the opening that was super cloying.

    If anyone wants a nice alternative tobacco based scent that doesn't have as much sweetness as this, I'd highly recommend Cuir by Molinard. Link here
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    I also thought I’d love this, watched & read every review going and tried it in Harrods and kept the tester strip, really tried to like it but I just don’t unfortunately. Got a big collection with lots of diversity but yeah this one unfortunately wasn’t a winner for me.

    In your like a incense, smokey & sweet Tobacco fragrance, but top pick would be PDM Herod, one of my favourites!
  2. Tsubodai's avatar
    This is very cheap compared to recent prices that I've seen.
  3. Saif_Anwar's avatar
    Not a problem however how come on the official website it's in the mens category of fragrances but not in the women's but notino have listed it as unisex?
    jamie686's avatar
    No idea. But it would be unusual for a Tobacco fragrance to be aimed at woman.
  4. AOT's avatar
    Never smelt this but really wanted it.

    Read this recent review but not sure
    Was expecting great things from this but sadly I think it’s been reformulated. Purchased last week and it has nowhere near the longevity or projection people talk of. Only lasts about 5 hours and a couple of hours of projection
    TM1233's avatar
    Same, bit of an expense without first trying it but then I'm not spending £5 for a piddly sample
  5. Athisham_Iqbal's avatar
    One of the most longest lasting perfume I have in my collection. Easily Over 12 - 18 hours off my skin, with 3 sprays. It projects loudly in the beginning, slightly medicinal and screachy but then settles down beautifully. I personally love it, but agree with the above comment that it's definitely not a safe blind buy, unless ur a headcore avid fragrance collector. (edited)
  6. martinelsen's avatar
    what’s this free discovery fragrance box then?
    darriano's avatar
    When checking out, it gives you 5 or 6 discovery box's to select from and they just have (I assume from the images) miniature versions of popular fragrances in them
  7. kuldipa1e2f11's avatar
    Carolina barrera much nice and smoother than this but is more pricy but this still nice for niche quality
  8. icecreamwoman's avatar
  9. Tr1gger's avatar
    Vapers getting weireder
  10. Portroe's avatar
    Oh no. Says it is out of stock
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