manchester to dublin-valentines w/end £30 return

manchester to dublin-valentines w/end £30 return

Found 18th Nov 2009
just looking for a weekend break, most of ryanairs sting you with taxes.
prefer east-mids but thats £70 return but mancs is £30 return with just your cabin baggage.
other airports going too,
Ive sussed out that any that are listed as £10 or £15 are tax free, any that are £0.49 or £0.99 don't include taxes


take some €€€€€'s with you, at £6.50 a pint your money soon goes.

Also £30 return from Birmingham

good find. flight times are a bit ropey though

Been to Dublin and Belfast with Ryanair. Would recommend Belfast.... especially if you can get the Premier Inn on Waring Street on the 2 for one offers they have.

Just checked Belfast from Liverpool - over the weekend for Valentines day it's £15.99 all in each way if you want a Friday or Saturday outbound. Same price for inbound flights. Flight times are good too.
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