Manchester/London or London/Manchester Virgin Trains £1 tickets now booking until 25th April
Manchester/London or London/Manchester Virgin Trains £1 tickets now booking until 25th April

Manchester/London or London/Manchester Virgin Trains £1 tickets now booking until 25th April

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You will need to book well into April to find any of the £1 tickets but there are loads of £3, £7 and £9 tickets to be had otherwise.

Same as before - You must print off your ticket @ home and travel with the card that made the payment.


Thanks fr posting this offer!

Thanks for this. Got a £9 ticket from Euston to Manc last Wednesday.


Hot hot hot!
Have used this deal before, and its great

Added heat, but....

I just have no faith in products or services from the [email protected] *******'s big buisiness.

Excellent! Looking if the train stops anywhere else on the way down? Any one know??

I work for virgin trains and this is a genuine good deal please be aware however that is a stringent criteria to adhere to with these tickets and if you don't follow liable to pay the full fare in standard class which man-lon rtn if you buy your ticket inboard is around £110.00. You will be fine as long as you travel on the trains you are booked on (the tickets are Strictly non transferable and if you do travel on the incorrect train you will have to pay the full fare) also please be aware that you must also present the payment card that you purchased the ticket with and that it must be in the card holders name to be valid! Bon Voyage

now say if i booked from london to manchester but got on at leicester er route to manchester or vice versa what would happen?

hi this is a great deal, just wondered if on the return i would be able to get off a stop or 2 before euston or would this cause a problem at the station i get off at?

They also insist on them printed correctly on A4, so make sure you read the printing instructions. I printed on A5 to reduce the ammount of paper i had and i was lucky that the guard was understanding.
I had the payment card with me, so reasonably there should be no reason why it wasn't accepted, but it's not worth the risk

[email protected]
This is excellent deal but not one to be abused, the tickets go from as little as a £1.00 to £9.00.
The printed ticket must be on an A4 print out paper and in clear print, the time displayed on the ticket must be for the train the ticket is booked for and the seat allocation should be used, the reserved seats are always in coach D, also the last four digits on the print out ticket must match the last four digits on the credit in which you booked your ticket. If someone else has booked the tickets and the person travelling does not have the credit card in which the tickets were purchased these tickets will become void and a new ticket must be bought, for example: onboard a ticket from Man Picc to Euston/Euston to Man Picc destination is £115.00 sos and from the ticket office £61.40 svs.
I work on the trains and it annoys when customers think they know more than you, please read the information, if it`s too good to be true read the small print before you sign up.


Excellent deal. Had a day trip in London for £16 return yesterday! The passenger sat opposite me on the trip back was gutted he thought he had a good deal at £66 return.

On the trip down there was signal failure in Salford so we missed our 0915 train from Manchester. The girl at customer services re-validated our ticket for the 1015 train, only because the delay was caused by Network Rail. If the delay had been due to failure of Northern Trains then they would not have re-validated. The train down stopped at Stockport and Stoke only, on the wat back it was Stafford, Wilmslow and Stockport. The conditions are strict but the savings are well worth it.

I used these during the first trial period at the end of 2006 and was gutted when it took over twelve months to re-introduce, hopefully now it will be a permanent deal. The only worry is that is replacing the Super Apex advanced fares which were available during peak times.

Just returned from Preston using this deal. Had to go to Manc Picc and change, bit of a drag but other than that the whole trip was good going and return. No probs with seats was able to swap with other passengers mainly becos we had a baby i suppose. All in all very happy experience will look out for this deal again!
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