Mandela swing electric breast pump £89.99 @ John lewis

Mandela swing electric breast pump £89.99 @ John lewis

Found 31st Aug 2017
89.99 for the madela swing electric breast pump
Great reviews and £134.99 most other places
This was the cheapest place that had it also offers free delivery and 2 year guarantee
Also comes with their new style bottle with special breastfeeding teat to avoid nipple confusion in exclusively bf babies
Well worth the price In my opinion as the manual ones take 4x as long for me though I know it's different for everyone

Free delivery (says 5 days mine arrived next day ) or free click and collect
Hope this helps someone
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Mandela swing electric breast pump £89.99 @ John lewis
bambieleighFound 22 m ago
Nice one Nelson!
Good price I agree so voted hot but a closed system is more hygienic and can be reused for future babies/ sold on x
This sort of thing is a literal Godsend. I have no idea how people managed before with the actual literal Godsend. And then the manmade equivalent that was formula!???

Jamba juice wasn't available since the world was created approximately 2000 years ago....
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