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Kawasaki K-Camo Cap - £6.99 (+£1.99 Postage) @ M&P Direct
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Kawasaki Logo. Camo Mesh. Fully Adjustable
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Profile pic?


Wouldn’t match the sandals, no.



I love my motorcycles but I would be very embarrassed to wear this


Looks like something I used to see people wearing in Nu-Metal nightclubs, although those nights were more about Mitsubishi's than Kawasaki. ;)

Pair of Motorbike tyres offer free delivery £99.98 @ M&P Direct
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Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Pair of tyres size 180/55 zr17 and 120/70 zr17 weekend offer
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No, I was just shocked how little life they have in them


On bt015s?


I hope you are joking. I commute on a motorcycle. With sensible throttle I get about 15k miles on a set.


What a bargain. Nought some as spares for my Superduke 990.


I'm going for it was thinking of Road 5s but not going to get much riding this year and I don't like old tyres. Thanks for the post.

XCP Motorcycle Chain Lube 2 x 400ml £11.99 at M&P Direct
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Posted 14th FebPosted 14th Feb
XCP Motorcycle Chain Lube 2 x 400ml £11.99 at M&P Direct
XCP CHAIN LUBRICANT quickly penetrates the links and sprockets to lay down a thin, even and non sticky film, designed to keep the chain lubricated and protected. The non-sticky fil… Read more
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I have found I only need to do this if it rains heavy. I check my chain before every ride as it is, so a few seconds to put the paint brush over it is nothing.


From my experience you have to apply after every ride, otherwise my chain went dry much quicker than after using chain lubes.


I don't have any reading for you, other than bike manufacturers and D.I.D recommending such method in manuals and other rider feedback over the past 10-20 years. There is the Fortnine video linked above and a few from this channel.


Thanks. Would any 80w90 suffice? Do you have any further reading I could do? (I just bought my first bike)


Motul Gearbox Oil SAE 80W90 or Comma GO41L EP80W-90 1L GL4

ACF50 Aerosol | XCP Chain Lube | Wurth 2040 Spray Kit £19.99 @ M&P Direct
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Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
ACF50 Aerosol | XCP Chain Lube | Wurth 2040 Spray Kit £19.99 @ M&P Direct
ACF-50 Imagine a world without corrosion! Just think, no rust, less maintenance, cleaner engines, greater reliability, higher residual machine value. How much easier things would… Read more
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I use it on the motorbike and keeps it rust free, just don’t put it on break discs!




Anyone else thought this kit was 'Wurth' £2040 ? I was all over it until I realised this wasn't a typo :(


Delivery is a further £1.99


we get ultra 2040 at work, its no better than 151 WD40 type spray.

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Shark Dark Blank in Matt Black and Green - £50 @ M&P Direct
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Posted 18th Nov 2019Posted 18th Nov 2019
Shark Dark Blank in Matt Black and Green - £50 @ M&P Direct
A must have streetfighter style helmet packed full of features. The Shark Drak (previously known as the Shark Raw) is equipped with a protective face mask and removable anti scratc… Read more
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Oh yes, now just need a ghost replica bike!


No longer have a bike but really, really want this!


Looks cool for a Halloween costume. But if you crash in one of these there will be a Halloween mask instead of your face permanently.


You want this then: http://necaonline.com/2015/02/halo-video-game-master-chief-motorcycle-helmet/


You'll certainly be fighting the street alright (with your face) if you were unlucky enough to bin your bike at any reasonable speed. They look eye catching but the level of protection on offer is sub par.

Bull-It Carbon 17 SR6 Textile Motorbike Jacket £90 with code @ M&P Direct
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Posted 14th Oct 2019Posted 14th Oct 2019
Bull-It Carbon 17 SR6 Textile Motorbike Jacket £90 with code @ M&P Direct
Price currently showing for sizes L /44 and 2XL/48 only. Listed as reduced from £199 to £100, use code WELCOME10 for additional 10% off price makes it £90! Free standard delivery … Read more

Price is £199 for all sizes.


I think more known for their motorcycle jeans which get good reviews online. Majority of their clothing is obviously for the fairer summer weather as is this jacket. This is from the jacket review in the link. "Both of these jackets have been tested to and exceed the CE EN 13595-1 standard at Level 1 for abrasion resistance in all of the relevant impact zones. Both the Covec+7 and SR6 fabrics are also claimed (by Bull-it Jeans) to have a higher melting point, better resistance to degradation (from washing and oxidation) and they feel much softer than some of the other abrasion-resistant liners in motorcycle jeans."


States shower resistant. Wouldn't want to be caught in the rain then.


Anyone had one of these? any good?

Alpinestars Celsius Heated Gloves Medium £59.99 @ M&P Direct
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Posted 11th Oct 2019Posted 11th Oct 2019
Alpinestars Celsius Heated Gloves Medium £59.99 @ M&P Direct
Features: A highly durable and comfortable glove incorporating Alpinestars waterproof and breathable DRYSTAR® membrane, the Celsius Heated Glove is the ultimate in cold weather t… Read more
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Got my gloves, no controller, no switch. Annoying. Top quality though. Wife had an angry face.


You get used to it. And as it gets colder heated gloves are a godsend - heated grips only keep your palms warm, gloves have heating elements to keep the backs of your hands and fingers warm too.


Great price for what you get, but for convenience I still prefer heated grips. Don't particularly like being tethered to the bike!


Doesn't it make doing basic day to day jobs difficult? There is no description on that site, on amazon there's this "Comfort and Convenience Battery Connection - Included is the battery extension cable which basically connects to the positive and negative side of the battery. Through this you then use Y Long Splitter also included and connect one end to the battery extension cable and the other end to the gloves. These cables are long so you have enough length place the cables on your bike safely and feed them through your jacket. Extensive Accordian Stretch Flex Insert Across Thumb and Top of Hand - For increased manoeuvrability and comfort leaving you in full control on the bike. Dual Velcro Wrist Closure System - Ensures a full adjustable, weather tight and secure closure to keep a British winter out. YKK Zippered cuff closure - A strong reliable zip that will keep your gloves in place and keep the weather out" sounds like a right faff, I'm out as I don't do long commutes in the cold. edit: changed my mind, people are selling these for £80 second hand on eBay bought the remaining stock.


I bought medium. Fitted them Wednesday. They are very good :)

Michelin Pilot Power ZR17 Motorcycle Tyres Pair with FREE Optimate 3 worth £49.99! 190 & 120 - £129.58 (With Code) @ M&P Direct
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Posted 13th Sep 2019Posted 13th Sep 2019
Michelin Pilot Power ZR17 Motorcycle Tyres Pair with FREE Optimate 3 worth £49.99! 190 & 120 - £129.58 (With Code) @ M&P Direct
100% pure racing ingredients. The softest rubber mix of any comparable tyre Phenomenal grip; quickly reaches optimum temperature Maximum lean angle in the dry: 50.6? Rubber mix … Read more

Seems that the price has got up, showing over £200 to me now :(


Would this fit a Honda pcx


Fantastic deal!


Just a taller profile. You might find cornering is better. I'm the same stock as you - now have a 55 rear wouldn't go back.


Going by how fast my shoulders are wearing on my michelin pilot road 4s these are not for me

Motorcycle Maxxis Supermaxx Touring Tyre Pair 120/70 ZR17 | 190/50 ZR17 £98.99 delivered @ M&P Direct
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Posted 15th Aug 2019Posted 15th Aug 2019
Motorcycle Maxxis Supermaxx Touring Tyre Pair 120/70 ZR17 | 190/50 ZR17 £98.99 delivered @ M&P Direct
looking for tyres for my bmw k1600gtle and found these. £98.99 delivered. have used maxxis tyres before and they are fine

Worst tyre brand outside of the Chinese stuff. Terrible in the wet and just about acceptable in the dry. Wear out quick too. They do reasonable trials stuff but their road tyres are pap.


You sir are correct. Avon's are superb - the Spirit is also excellent


Dreadful tyre. Spend £100 more and have something you can trust and enjoy for the next 5-10k miles. Good deal for a commuter (only) or someone who hates riding I guess


At this price, it's like buying a chinese knockoff phone. You know you're getting what you pay for. I remember these being terrible in the wet. They arent the grippiest on sports bikes. These are only for those that own a gsxr or cbr with seven previous careful owners with 40k on the clock and mismatched fairings. These are one of the most, it not the most important components on a bike, cheap out and you'll regret it.


34 here and on a cbr600f4i. I find the sports position fine for my commute. Only 17miles each way. Never had an issue with back or neck ache, on this, the sv650 or cbr125 bikes before. Perhaps because I'm a short arse at 5ft9 and on the slimmer side of builds (now I've lost the beer gut) (y)

LS2 FF370 Easy Full Face Helmet - £59.99 at M&P Direct
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Posted 22nd Jul 2019Posted 22nd Jul 2019
LS2 FF370 Easy Full Face Helmet - £59.99 at M&P Direct
Available in white,black,grey,matt black Flip-up helmet (one-hand operation) Thermoplastic outer shell Pinlock ready. Scratch-resistant, clear visor.
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Well that helmet isn't for my giant head but they had a 4XL LS2 one on offer for £80 so very nice.


Are these the ones you can ride with open ?


Go for it! (y)


Need one for winter. Any good?


4 star SHARP, pretty respectable. https://sharp.dft.gov.uk/sharp-testing/#impact-zone

Maxxis Supermaxx Touring Tyre Pair 120/70 ZR17 | 180/55 ZR17 - £99.99 @ M&P Direct
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Posted 31st May 2019Posted 31st May 2019
Maxxis Supermaxx Touring Tyre Pair 120/70 ZR17 | 180/55 ZR17 - £99.99 @ M&P Direct
Good deal for decent tyres.
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These tyres are bloody hopeless, spent the extra £30 quid and get some Michelin Pilots or Pirelli Diablo's


Thanks for the advice, I can't confess to having been entirely serious, but having done 6k on the original oem boots, I'm probably going to have to replace them in a couple of years!


Wouldn't recommend these on a GS. They really don't wear well. I got a pair of these thrown in on a tiger 1050 sport I bought form a dealer as the rear was low, so they changed both. These are OEM fit on KTM and they are a KTM dealer, so that's what I got. They are positively worrisome in the wet/cold, only starting to give any confidence at all once the road has warmed. On top of that, I've done fewer than a 1000 miles, and the rear is already starting to square off. They are cheap, but I couldn't possibly recommend, and I'll be changing them before I do a tour in June. I will in fact, be changing to the above mentioned Avon Storm XM's. I've been a long time user of Avons sports touring tyres, and found them to be a great balance of value, wear, grip, overall performance. No, they are not ace in the wet, but take a bit of care and they won't scare you. In the dry however, they offer more performace than I can use. And I've taken them on a track day before. On a wear note, I fitted them to a rt1200, big beast of a bike I used for commuting. After 5k when I sold the bike, the rear was just starting to square off, but absolutely good for another many thousand miles. They wear incredibly well. And they are superb value, you can get them for 150 a pair in most sizes, and although 50% more than this price, you will ABSOLUTELY get 50% more enjoyment and life out of them.


Not sure if they do them for a BMW gs


had the earlier ones once on a fighter blade.... they were proper ditch finders... for a few rides out I thought the clutch was slipping... it was the tyres spinning up!... then gave it a tiny handful leaving a biker cafe, did a 180 degree spin and was left sat on the tarmac!!... took 'em straight off... they were the older ones to these mind.... running some Avon Storms 3D X-M's this year on my old fazer1000 this year... what a tyre! super stable, great grip, superb wear! (two up, not pottering), will deffo be buying the same again :)

Oxford Boss Disc Lock £15.99 @ M&P Direct (£5.50 P&P)
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Posted 26th Apr 2019Posted 26th Apr 2019
Oxford Boss Disc Lock £15.99 @ M&P Direct (£5.50 P&P)
Oxford Boss Disc Lock Only £15.99 | Save £44 Universal disc lock with handy carrier bracket and rider warning cable. Lock Mechanism with hardened steel armour casing. Unique dou… Read more
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Ok fine, but can you suggest an unpickable lock?


Bike thieves don’t pick locks - they just cut them off with a mobile grinder. The way I view my disk lock is as a visible deterrent and maybe the theives will pick an easier bike to nick (ie one without a lock).


Chinese locks are a 'No No' a few seconds of fiddling with the Oxfords and they are gone ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn6pF8fAvtw maxmix

ONeal Sierra II Slingshot Blue Dual Sport Helmet £59.99 @ M&P Direct
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Posted 18th Apr 2019Posted 18th Apr 2019
ONeal Sierra II Slingshot Blue Dual Sport Helmet £59.99 @ M&P Direct
ABS shell Weight: 1500g (± 50g) 1 clear visor and 1 tinted visor included Very soft, sweat absorbing inner padding is removable and washable Vent holes for optimal ventilation Heig… Read more
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Tuzo Ghost Full Face Helmet £19.99 @ M&P Direct
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Posted 12th Apr 2019Posted 12th Apr 2019
Tuzo Ghost Full Face Helmet £19.99 @ M&P Direct
Cheap as chips! I wouldn’t wear it, but if you’re moped rider, or as a child helmet? why not? ECE 22.05 Approved. Composite shell. Super De-Luxe absorbent lining system. Fully ven… Read more
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Attending a single slow speed car track day event at Silverstone (for a total of 20 minutes...) soon, reckon this is any good/acceptable to use? Helmet hire will be about the same IF there is availability lol Just can't seem to find solid info on whether ece 22.05 is good enough?


Make sense, I’ve paid £500 for mine.


I only ordered to use for indoor karting which I’m sure it will be suitable for but if I had a motorbike I’d personally pay more than £20 with it being there to protect in an accident as too late after the fact to think of paying more.


As I mentioned before, I wouldn’t wear it, but since this is a bargain hunt site I thought someone might be tempted for a moped or kiddie on a electric bike etc. It’s £20 after all, not £140. It’s crap, but stupidly cheap, still better then second hand as someone said before.


So pointless that I made it. Not that pointless then. Pointless to you, but not to me. The reality is that £20 isn't a lot of money, the helmet may be okay, it may not be. For the sake of your head you might be wise to base your purchase on the basis of impartial evidence rather than fashion or low price.

Kappa Dry Pack Backpack 13 Litre Silver £34.99 @ M&P Direct
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Posted 22nd Mar 2019Posted 22nd Mar 2019
Kappa Dry Pack Backpack 13 Litre Silver £34.99 @ M&P Direct
Carrying handle Reflective inserts Mounting straps for securing to a motorbike/rack or side case Shoulder strap Anti-slip base and front pocket with zip (not 100% waterproof) “Roll… Read more
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Metzeler M3 Sportec 190/50ZR17 Rear Motorcycle Tyre £69.99 @ M&P Direct
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Posted 15th Mar 2019Posted 15th Mar 2019
Metzeler M3 Sportec 190/50ZR17 Rear Motorcycle Tyre £69.99 @ M&P Direct
In addition its stylish and effective design makes your motorbike distinguish from the mass. Precise. Trajectory precision thanks to reduced oversteering when accelerating out of c… Read more
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great tyres


All I need now is someone who isn't going to use a hammer and chisel to remove the old boots!

KTM Rally Jacket - £78.64 delivered @ M&P Direct
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Posted 5th Mar 2019Posted 5th Mar 2019
KTM Rally Jacket - £78.64 delivered @ M&P Direct
Looks like a decent jacket at a good price, ideal for this crazy weather!


Shoei GT Air Primal Full Face Helmet £249.99 @ M&P Direct
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Posted 22nd Feb 2019Posted 22nd Feb 2019
Shoei GT Air Primal Full Face Helmet £249.99 @ M&P Direct
Amazing helmet, at amazing price! Motorcycle riding is the most intense way to experience your own movement. Every sense is flooded with impressions. The new Shoei GT-Air with it’… Read more
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Shark make some decent lids these days - Plenty around 120–50. AGV do some too and you can get a decent Bell helmet in the above bracket


I need a decent lid if anyone knows of any more recent deals


Shame it wasn't a darker one, I'm not a fan of the colour


I respect that. IAM membership is worth doing and I agree gear is over inflated in mark ups. That said, this is probably the best helmet you’ll get at its price point.


That's going to look odd..can't see wearing a skirt will help with the wind noise but it will make you stand out I suspect....

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