Manflu Hot or shot drink @ Tesco instore & Online

Manflu Hot or shot drink @ Tesco instore & Online

Found 15th Dec 2012
Saw this in Tesco Extra in Leicester (Beaumont Leys)

A soothing hot drink can be a real comfort in times of need!
MANFLU 'HOT OR SHOT'™ takes this to a new level. Great tasting
and effort free, this natural lemon-lime and honey flavour drink contains 1250% RDA of Vitamin C. With Echinacea + Zinc! -Designed for modern man it is perfect hot or ‘on the go’ as a shot

Believe me, does the trick :-)
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Women just don’t understand how bad we feel, if they loved us they would do anything and everything to help us feel better
Not voted hot as man flu is incurable and no £1.50 drink is going to soothe the symptoms.
Men do actually get a stronger strain of Flu when they get it,, it has been scientifically proven.
Plus you only get 'proper' flu 2-3 times in your life…ZVQ
I called for you, i said ' Laura, Laura' but you didnt come ...

Obvious women voting cold.

Obvious women voting cold.

It's sad they will never understand our suffering.
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