manflu shot in £2.00 @ Tesco - Whatever next?

manflu shot in £2.00 @ Tesco - Whatever next?

Found 12th Dec 2014
My kids were totally confused when I picked this up to read the bottle, they haven't heard of manflu yet lol
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I should vote this cold as everyone knows there is no 'cure' as such for manflu. It is merely a matter of waiting three to four weeks for the plague to leave your house and pass on to the next chap.

I will add heat though.
Could do with about a litre of this stuff Link fixed!
We have man flu. Women have childbirth. It is the way of things.
Careful what u wish for hohoho lol…ZVQ

I'm gonna die hahaha
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There will be at least one person dumb enough to buy it and think it will have any real effect whatsoever.

At least one.
I think because the bug is generally not lethal, it has the ability to detect the weaker sex and only cause them limited grief compared to what it knows it can inflict on a man without actually causing death.
Lol ladyflu shot can be found in wine aisle
Great little stocking filler.
Funny label, but complete rip-off
I bought it in Poundland a while back but never bothered posting it on here - it' a single dose bottle
Have a look at the chewable tablets they do in this range. Instructions say take 4 at a time, its basically Vitamin C, you go up like a rocket, then back down like a burst balloon!!
think I need some. ...also a hug from moonlighters would be nice, she looks gorgeous!
Cos one dose isn't enough lol posted cos its funny and was gobsmacked to find it beside genuine medicines and cold remedies not cos its a bargain as such.....
They had the tabs too! Was on th link as well until someone 'fixed' it for me lol £4.99 tho yikes
Very over priced, but actually a fairly useful little product with a stupid name. Basically an overdose of VitC, echinacea and zinc. Gives you a very quick temporary boost to help get you through a couple of hours when you're feeling particularly under the weather.

Neither a novelty product (as the daft name suggests.) nor a cold/flu treatment, but the one time I was curious enough to buy one, it did get me through the last few hours in work, and didn't leave me feeling dirty like monster or relentless.
They have these in home bargains for around 80p

We have man flu. Women have childbirth. It is the way of things. Only a man could compare these
miasmum Only a man could compare these

and only a woman could think there non comparable ;p
Soooooo much cold votes lol I found it funny
miasmum Only a man could compare these

Childbirth only last a few minutes. Man flu is a few weeks!!!
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