Mango outlet 70% off everything winter sale

Mango outlet 70% off everything winter sale

Found 26th Dec 2017
70% off everything in the winter sale section until midnight
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Some really decent prices and a lot in stock unlike a lot of other sales I’ve looked at today. Thanks OP.
Just ordered £150 worth of clothes. 12 items bargain
Thx ordered andheat added.
Good stuff this indeed, cheers OP - usually the outlet stuff has to be returned in the Oxford Street shop (for folks in London) as return postage didn't use to be free - but I am assuming this time around we can benefit from the Paypal return thingie which is currently ongoing…459
Fantastic savings. Thanks OP!
Thanks OP, ordered a few things.. Indeed fantastic prices
Super deal! Shirts for £10 cant complain about that!
Can't seem to access the ladies section
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thanks so much! best sale i have seen so far in these last few days. quite a lot of stock left & such low prices!
Great, thanks
Amazing prices with a decent size range
Won't let me check out!! Do u have to register first
Is it me but all of a sudden prices have doubled just before trying to check out!
It's gone from 70% off everything to now stating up to 70% off, with everything dropping down to 30-50% off only on majority of items
Just placed an order an hour a go- prices for the same items have now doubled ! Good sale but prices now average as other sales
the OP did mention in the description that the offer was only until midnight yesterday
I wish this 70% is on another fruit, Apple
Can someone send me a link to where their outlet stores are? As you cant return to normal stores and postage costs money. Just in case as I have not bought their stuff in years.. I'd rather have that option available, if you know what I mean? Heat added
I missed the 70% on everything 😫 does anyone know if they usually have reductions like this?
Anyone get a dispatch email yet ?
Got an email saying a few things I ordered were out of stock.
Just had my £120 ordered delivered today. The tracking number on the dispatch email never worked so was wondering when it would turn up.

Quality is pretty good tbh, especially for the price. Very happy. Thanks again OP.
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