Manhunt 2 (Nintendo Wii) £5.97 delivered @ tesco entertainment

Manhunt 2 (Nintendo Wii) £5.97 delivered @ tesco entertainment

Found 5th Jan 2011
This sequel to the gruesome PlayStation 2 title places players in the shoes of a new character, but gives them the same goal: do whatever it takes to fight their way to freedom.

In Manhunt 2, players will awaken trapped inside the sickening dream of men who hunt other men for sport. Forced to escape by any means necessary, players will have to kill to escape the clutches of those responsible. Though the title takes the same concept of the original Manhunt, new characters, gangs and plotlines are used to give the game a fresh outlook. Players will need to use a mix of stealth and brutality to survive, sneaking in the shadows and attacking when the time is right.

These attacks are far more varied than in the original title, but still keep the shocking, dramatic violence the game is known for. Environmental kills now make it into the title, allowing players to use the world around them to their advantage and kill quickly.

Manhunt 2 is well known for its brutal and shocking tone – older gamers looking for a darker tone of game for their systems will find a violent and rewarding title.

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about £5.97 too expensive, imho. (i have played it, and even with the uncensor patch applied).
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