Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible: 10th Anniversary Edition (2CD + DVD) £4.99 delivered @ HMV + 7% Quidco

Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible: 10th Anniversary Edition (2CD + DVD) £4.99 delivered @ HMV + 7% Quidco

Found 14th Dec 2008Made hot 14th Dec 2008
This is the four-piece Manic Street Preachers at their angry best. Includes the now-legendary Top of the Pops performance of 'Faster' where James Dean Bradfield wore a balaclava and sent the BBC Complaints lines into total meltdown.


"10th anniversary reissue of seminal third album from the Welsh political rockers, their last made before the disappearance of guitarist and main lyricist Richey Edwards. Searing, scathing, dangerous, sinister and brutally aggressive, this is one of the classic rock albums of the 90s and is still considered by many Manics fans to be their best ever album. This remastered version includes a bonus disc featuring the US mix of the album, live and demo versions and a DVD of videos and live performances.

This tenth anniversary re-issue of The Holy Bible, Richey James' last album with the band, features: the original album re-mastered; an alternate U.S. mix of the album; 4 live tracks from the Holy Bible tour; 2 demos; extended sleeve notes and and an 80 minute DVD packed with live footage and interviews."



Excellent find, the U.S. Mix of the album is well worth a listen (even the Manics think it's better) and the live videos are fantastic.


I've been meaning to pick this up for a while. Have some heat!

Edit - 1p cheaper at the Amazon:…1-2

A Must own album :thumbsup:


A Must own album :thumbsup:

Yes, IMO their last GREAT album

An extraordinary record.

And an extraordinary price, this hasn't been lower than £10!

Buy Buy Buy!

Great accompaniment to depression.

Add alcohol for years of misery.

(my fave band btw)


Great album!!


what the heck is the cover image !!!

this is a must own ...woohoo buy it just for the dvd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!theres only one nickywire x

I love the Manics. Great bargain and cracking album for cleanaing up to as it is so angry.

I hate cleaning.

Fantastic Album.

Everything Must Go edition also £4.99.....


As somebody states above, the US mix is fantastic. I never listen to the original now. Very HOT!

Easily nestles in the the best 10 albums ever.

Agreed! Defo in the top 10 albums ever! Sooo good! Everyone should
have a copy by law

Still available for £4.99
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