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Mannesmann Clockmaker's Tool Set - £21.80 @ Amazon

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This watchmaker tool set made by Mannesmann tools provides all essential utilities for watch lovers. Whether changing a strap, the shortening of the metal bracelet, fast and trouble-free battery replacement, the fine adjustment of the automatic movement - no tool is missing. Many important parts such as: spring bars in various sizes for the bracelet, O-ring seals in various diameters for the floor and watch battery clamps with screws are delivered with it. With the watchmaker's loupe you can see hidden damages without problems. Packed in an attractive aluminum case, this set is ideal as a gift or a present for yourself.
For more than 30 successful years, Mannesmann Tools Germany has specialized in hand and power tools for do-it-yourself, craft and industrial sectors. The products of Mannesmann Tools are exported to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Box Contains1 x watchmaker's loupe
1 x Case opener for wristwatches and pocket with pressed soil
1 x Spring bar tool for quick removal and replacement of spring bars to watch wrists
1 x Pressing tool for metal wrists pins
1 x Case opener for watches with screw back
1 x fully adjustable universal tool with 6 different sets of hardened steel grippers for different floor constructions
1 x Spring Bar Assortment normal
1 x 1x assortment of battery clamps with screws
1 x Replacement blades for screwdriver
1 x O-ring seals for watches
1 x Plastic tweezers
1 x Tweezers with fine point (non-magnetic)
1 x Srewdriver Set
1 x 2x replaceable blades
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    A basic ebay set will do, here your are paying £15 for the case. Invest in some decent screwdrivers instead of thus.
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    If your handy, fit your own batteries, this will pay for itself very quickly if you have a few watches in the family.
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    A while back I got the same bits for £3.99 delivered. Difference, came in a bag not a case. Most the stuff in these kits is poor quality. The good tools cost £50+ for one item, let alone a set.
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    Ok if you want to damage a watch. I used to work doing watch repairs and can tell you the knife will without any doubt cause damage. The Jaxa opener is only ok if you know the correct way to use it. Screw driver tips are soft and who handles batteries with steel tweezers?
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    Would you guys suggest such set but a better quality one? I've got collection of around 30 microbrand watches and a proper tool set would be welcome.
    Depends if you are just changing straps or wanting to service. If it's just changing straps occasionally bergeron tools are nice, but not really essential. If you are self servicing then good tools are a good investment.

    If you do regularly change straps a good spring bar tool and a couple of pin pushers isn't that expensive.
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    Too small for Big Ben.