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Posted 17 December 2022

Mannol 2x5L Premium 5w30 Fully Synthetic Long Life Engine Oil Low Saps C3 dexos2 - £30.74 (UK Mainland - A/B) @ eBay / carousel_car_parts

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Very good price on 5w30 oil. Certified for various requirements including BMW LL-04 which I need.

Mannol 2x5L Premium 5w30 Fully Synthetic Long Life Engine Oil Low Saps C3 dexos2

MANNOL Energy Premium 5W-30

SAE 5W-30
MB 229.52
MB 229.31
MB 226.5
GM dexos2

MB Approval 229.51
Innovative, versatile, all-synthetic ester-containing premium synthetic engine oil for modern diesel and gas turbocharged and non-turbocharged engines. Designed in accordance with the requirements of European automakers.

Product properties:
- High fuel efficiency due to optimal antifriction properties;
- Highly effective additive package and synthetic base provide confident cold start in any conditions, thereby significantly reducing engine starting wear;
- Due to its excellent washing and dispersing properties and the highest thermal oxidative stability, it effectively fights against all types of deposits and keeps engine parts clean throughout the entire interval between replacements;
- The presence of ester components in combination with optimal viscosity-temperature characteristics guarantees the highest strength of the oil film, which provides excellent anti-wear properties which, combined with excellent pumpability, significantly increase engine life even in the most severe operating conditions;
- Compatible with all exhaust gas aftertreatment systems.
- Suitable for engines using liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum (LPG) gas.
- It is applied in engines with the extended interval of replacement of oil (Long Life) to 40 000 km and ordinary.

Designed for gasoline and diesel engines in a wide fleet of cars, light SUVs, minibuses and light trucks of European and other manufacturers, where the performance level of ACEA C3 is required.
Due to its versatility, it is especially recommended for taxi fleets.
The oil is not suitable for use in heavy trucks and similar vehicles!
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    Just a heads up.....Be careful about ordering with this seller, as the courier they use ( Evri ), seem to be having a problem with fulfilling deliveries at the moment ( probably not enough drivers, overload of parcels!! ). I've just had to get a refund from Ebay because first they sent a message saying the delivery would be delayed, then nothing for more than two weeks ( tracking said it was still with them ) Carousel car parts were not responding, so Ebay gave me a refund no problem.
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    I bought a few 4x5l of this oil which worked out £48 each (£12 a bottle) not long ago. Don't mean to undermine the op but it's often cheaper than this price.
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    I wouldn't use the oil simply based on the VLS complaint about the oil taken against them, but mines a performance car so requires a high spec oil, its not the first time I have read these sort of claims against this company, but I also know people who use it and have no issues, read this and make your own mind up, (this is for info/ not an argument)

    Cheers for sharing this article link. Definitely worth a read.

    In my shed right now I've got some Castrol Edge and Fuchs Agrifarm.
    The Agrifarm comes in a bog standard rough and ready blue 5l container and has an all text label.
    The Castrol container is bespoke, gold in colour and the label seems to show a nuclear fusion donut type thingy.

    So, with all that visual information, there's no need for me to be concerned about what certifications each oil has gained. Hmmm..
    I've just nipped onto the Fuchs website and, there's a product selector where you enter your car reg' and it informs their suitable oils. There's some small print to qualify their recommendation for my small to medium diesel hatchback. They're at pains to point out that this oil must not be used in a spaceship.
    Obviously, I'd rather have oil that's so good I could use it in a spaceship if I had one...
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    Good quality stuff at very affordable price. I use it for both Mercedes and BMW.
    How long did you had the cars and how do you came to conclusion that it is good stuff?
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    I've used this company one of my mechanic recommended me and its really good quality also I've got motorbike there 10w40 also give engine smooth running
    A motorbike with wet clutch (most have) needs specialised motorbike oil or you'll soon have a slipping clutch.
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    Have some heat OP!
    Use the Mannol Dexos2 oil when I self service my vauxhall., it’s good oil.
    Was going to gamble with Liqui Moly but I’ll pass this time round
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    I've used the 'newer' Mannol 7715 on both a BMW/Mini N18 engine and a VW EA288 for the last two years without issue

    Given the low cost, I drop it every 12 months though.

    Only issue I've had is my first order was metal cans which IMO were more difficult to pour from full than the plastic bottles (even with a funnel).

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    It was £5 cheaper last week.
    Nope was longer than a week ago that price. I know cos I've been checking daily
  9. Avatar
    Very good deal.
  10. Avatar
    Where do I check to see if its compatible
    Tell me your make, model and engine or reg number and I will tell you if it's compatible
  11. Avatar
    £40.99 now.