Manual breast pump - £14.99 boots online- free store delivery

Manual breast pump - £14.99 boots online- free store delivery

Found 28th Feb 2016
Was looking for breast pump ASAP found the tommee tippee ones were on sale at kiddiecare but then had to pay an extra £4.99 for next day delivery when in fact
It wouldn't be delivered untill Tuesday
went on boots online where it had also gone down from £29.99 to £14.99 next day store delivery for free to the boots pharmacy at my local shops TOMORROW next day delivery - perfect
Hopes this helps someone else out too
wouldn't let me
Post the link but go on the boots website and
Type breast pump in search bar
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Thank you x
It's also includes


1 x Manual Breast Pump
1 x Easi-vent 150 ml bottle
1 x Milk storage pot
6 x Disposable breast pads
1 x Microwave steriliser box
I used this and found it rubbish.
Toys R us price match, I got one from there for £10 last year would never pay full price its not that good but the extras are ok
Heat because it is a good price, but personally i dontbthink its a very good pump. Medala manual pump is around 10 more but definitely worth it imho. But if you going to be serious about bf then probably invest in an eletric on as youll get more milk. Ive seen an electric medela on on here for 40, but if that offers finished amazon have some reasonably priced electric ones that great reviews. Good luck xx

bad reviews on any better out there for similar price?

bad reviews on any better out there for similar price?

There is a free option......using your hands
Thanks for the advice. I did and found this one…97/

Better reviews and 10% off with code BEBSM10
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Was 10.99 in store half price last week when showing as 14.99 online. They're a pile of junk though, handle keeps popping off, took back for a refund after a couple of frustrating attempts
Hire an electric one from the NHS for £10 for as long as you like and they're fantastic, you just have ask your midwife
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