Many DVD's £2 in store at ASDA

Many DVD's £2 in store at ASDA

Found 8th Sep 2008
Just popped into my local Asda (wakefield) for some lunch and saw them pricing up a big shelf of DVD's at £2 each.

Was in a rush so couldn't write down any of the titles but ones that I can remember were:


UPDATED: See my post for the complete list of titles. Over 50 titles, at least.
- Film Brain

UPDATED x2: Even more titles added to the list.
- Film Brain
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Just picked up a copy of Kramer v Kramer , present for my mum for xmas £2 also
worth having a look. Thanks :thumbsup:
Here is a complete list:
- Legends of the Fall
- Cadillac Man
- My Girl
- My Girl 2
- Judge Dredd (cut)
- The Butcher's Wife
- The Krays
- Billy Elliot (1 disc)
- The Legend of Zorro
- Presumed Innocent (cut)
- Resident Evil
- Random Hearts
- Staying Alive
- The Little Rascals (1995)
- The Rugrats Movie
- Someone to Watch Over Me
- Van Helsing (1 disc)
- Bedazzled (2000)
- Slappy and the Stinkers
- Stir of Echoes
- Sphere
- Blue Streak
- Final Analysis
- Twins
- Junior
- When We Were Kings
- Galaxy Quest
- Harold and Kumar Get The Munchies
- Liar
- Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (1 disc)
- Spartan
- Under Fire
- Ali G In Da House
- Charlie's Angels
- The Mexican
- My Stepmother is an Alien
- Doom
- Panic Room (1 disc)
- Boiling Point
- The First Wives Club
- Thunderbirds (2004)
- Inside Man
- Getting Even with Dad
- Stigmata
- The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo (Live Action)
- Lassie (1995)
- Kramer vs. Kramer
- A Few Good Men
- Honest
- Jarhead
- The Gauntlet
- D.A.R.Y.L.
- Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (1 disc)
- Men At Work
- The 40-Year-Old Virgin
- Hudson Hawk
- Uncle Buck
- A Perfect Murder
- Outside the Law
- Meet Joe Black
- Broken Arrow (1995)
- Along Came Polly
- Miami Vice (2005)
- MouseHunt
- The Pirates of Tortuga
- Watership Down: The TV Series - Volume 1
- Watership Down: The TV Series - Volume 2
- Withnail and I (barebones)
- The Long Good Friday (barebones)
- License to Kill (Denzel Washington)
- Rat Race
- Tears of the Sun
- Baby Boy
- A Simple Wish
- Wonder Boys
- Jerry Maguire
- Billy Madison (cut)
- Happy Gilmore
- Bram Stoker's Dracula
- Candyman: Collector's Edition
- The Sweetest Thing
- DOA: Dead or Alive
- Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein
- Hard Rain
- Casino
Just in case it was missed...
Please, people, this is insanely hot.
£2 for Uncle Buck alone is BRILLIANT
Film Brain;2962015

Please, people, this is insanely hot.

Film brain - I am LOVING your work...x
Thanks, sarah. Appreciated.

Finally! on the front page. Got myself Galaxy Quest and MouseHunt today. Might get Panic Room, Under Fire, Billy Elliot, Legends of the Fall and Billy Elliot.
Voted Hot for every other film in your list apart from Miami Vice (I fell asleep all 3 times ive tried to watch it, never seen the end) :thumbsup:
You simply have to buy Harold and Kumar for the Extreme mix tape no 5 scene. Quite frankly one of the best scenes, and movie, ever made!!
Thanks film brain, you're a legend!
69 dvds there.
Turns out even my list wasn't complete: I've added a few new ones that my store added yesterday.
Added yet more titles, since new ones have been added.
I know I'm a bit late good work especially you film brain added rep
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