MANY Frozen Desserts and other frozen foods (including Extra Special) rolled back to 50p!! Instore only at ASDA!
MANY Frozen Desserts and other frozen foods (including Extra Special) rolled back to 50p!! Instore only at ASDA!

MANY Frozen Desserts and other frozen foods (including Extra Special) rolled back to 50p!! Instore only at ASDA!

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Many frozen desserts (including Extra Special) rolled back to 50p, including:
- Extra Special Banoffee Pie WAS £3 now 50p
- Extra Special Chocolate Gateau WAS £3 now 50p
- New York Cheesecake WAS £2 now 50p
- Extra Special Chicken and Chesnut pies (2pk) now 50p!!


Got the chocolate gateau today, they also had ES apple pie for 50p as well.

Also reduced were bags of ES cumberland sausages (75p), Findus chilli beef lasagne (50p) and Findus deep fill lasagne (50p).

I also got tins of organic chopped tomatoes for 28p.

went to asda today and saw
aunt bessies jam roly poly 50p
caramel crunch frozen dessert 30p
toffee sponge pudding 50p
aunt bessies chocolate roly poly 50p
american style cheesecake 50p
strawberry cheesecake 50p
all had reduced to clear stickers

chicken and chesnut pie sounds amazing,
can u get chesnuts all year round????

banoffee mmmmmmmmmmm

I like how you always describe Asda reductions as 'rolled back'- a marketers dream!
Heat added, cheers.

Any idea if this is only in 1 store or area?

no idea but the ones i posted in the 2nd post were in asda blackpool but dont look in there for the caramel crunch desserts as i bought the last 10 packs as at 30p per pack i couldn't resist

Hi where is this asda???

this was in my local too. the lamb burgers are lovely =)

they must be making space for all the frozen xmas food that will be coming on the shelves soon

Got a load today from Stevenage looking forward to trying the Carte d'or Cheesecake for 50p

filled my freezer yesterday with these 50p bargains.
hagen daz ice cream,birds eye lime chicken grills,chessecakes,
hot hot hot

I went about an hour ago to the Blackpool one most was gone but still had a lot of toffee cheesecakes and chocolate sponge. A few other bits but not much left. Thanks

Had the chocolate gateau last night and it wasn't very nice:-(

OH popped in on his way home today and got carte d'or chocolate and raspberry torte for 50p so hopefully thats a bit nicer.

Great! Thanks for this tip. Went today and filled freezer with ready meals, burgers & cheesecakes!!!


extra special tarte au citron
extra special tarte au chocolat
extra special banoffee pie
lamb quarter pounders

all 50p, filled my freezer! lovely jubbly

Went into our small asda today .I thought it would be a waste of time but i got loads .

prawn skewers 50p
quarter pounders 50p
8 mini twisters chocolate 81p
soleros 81p
chocolate cheesecake 50p
plus other cheesecakes
lemon and herb salmon fillets 50p
chicken korma 50p
plus southern fried potato wedges 28p

plus some others that i have crammed right to the back of the freezer

thanks op x

garlic & herb chicken thighs 50p pack
es cumberland sausages 50p
soleros 50p
12 x burgers 50p
sharwoods chicken and blackbean 50p
sharwoods spicy schezhun chicken 50p
giant jam sponge pudding 50p
garlic quarter pounders 50p

and more

the staff were actually going to the freezers as I was going thru checkout and offering me other stuff that was scanning at 50p, it was great.
I also met a member of the night team who was shopping and he said to go back every couple of days as there were more bits being reduced next week.
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