Many Le Creuset items in TK Maxx Plymouth for sale £19.99 and under

Many Le Creuset items in TK Maxx Plymouth for sale £19.99 and under

LocalFound 17th Apr 2013
Many Le Creuset items in TK Maxx Plymouth for sale £19.99 and under.

Flan dish £9.99 - rrp £27.99
Pie dish £12.99 - rrp £29.99
Small casserole pot £19.99 - rrp £49.99 to name a few!

Plenty more items in store
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Darlington store had a few things too, I got some dark grey stuff quite cheap. Good prices.
Hmm, good deals - might have to check York out! Thanks OP
The prices for the flan, pie & small casserole pot have been that price as long as I can remember. It's just hit & miss as to when they have stock (of the required colour).
Always hit and miss in there, but I am going to check the Swindon store out on the way past tonight :-). Thanks OP
Shame the Brighton store's still closed
The le creuset stuff you find in tk max is never the same as the things you find elsewhere.
This is their standard pricing policy. This isn't really a deal.

Other brands with up to 60% off RRP are available. (_;)
I bought a dark grey cast iron oval 29cm one from TK MAXX once. The enamel inside broke after about a year, when using as normal in the oven. Got in touch with le creuset, who replaced it with any colour of my choice. So got a nice shiny new satin black one.
Check if they come from France or Thailand
My best buy was the Cookworks (Argos) Le Creuset knockoff cast iron oven dish (thanks again to HUKD). And it only cost me £6 in their sale last year. Looks much more expensive than it was

Does TK Maxx sell the "loveheart" Le Creuset casserole dishes? I bought my brother and new life one of those last year (stoneware, though); apparently a very popular engagement/wedding gift.…000
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I havent yet used the dish to let anyone know what the quality but I thought it was a good deal as I have been searching for cheap le creuset for about a year now and this is the best price I've seen.

louiselouise - I didn't see any of the heart pots in Plymouth not sure if other stores have different items.
Er, I meant new "wife". Typo (blush). Thanks, Louiseeroach85, I'll have a peek in my local TK Maxx tomorrow anyway
Just be aware that a lot of these are not made of cast iron and so cannot be used on direct heat. We got caught out by that.
plenty in middlesbrough today, a wide range in a few colours. Has anyone tried the pie dish? i dont know weather to go for this or a metal one
lots in the Truro branch too in baby pink, baby blue & charcoal

all of the items ive mentioned are stoneware not cast iron! Cast iron are much more expensive! !

Also would like to say that both dishes I have bought are authentic and weren't made in the far east
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