Many Quorn items - 3 for £5 at Tesco
Many Quorn items -  3 for £5 at Tesco

Many Quorn items - 3 for £5 at Tesco

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This is just an example of one of the items that's included.

This is a cracker for all you vegetarians out there..

Most Quorn products in the freezer are now 3 for £5, including pieces, mince, burgers and sausages

Ideal for putting into curries, stews and lasagne. Pan fry or microwave. Or eat them on their own as snacks.

Completely meat free, and versatile...to be honest I'd much rather eat any meat rather than Quorn, but I thought this was a good price so posted it anyway.

Kind regards

These are the 3 for £5.00 deals

Deals ending Monday 26th December
Quorn Chicken Style Dippers (320g)
Quorn Mince (300g)
Quorn Chipolata Sausage (270g)
Quorn Smoky Bacon Style Slices (150g)
Quorn 2 Pasties (300g)
Quorn 2 Crispy Fillets (200g)
Quorn Southern Fried Bites (300g)
Quorn Sausages (336g)
Quorn Meat Free Gammon Steak (248g)
Quorn Bite Size Kievs (280g)
Quorn 2 Quarter Pounders (227g)
Quorn 4 Burgers (200g)
Quorn Chicken and Bacon Lattce 2 Pack (300g)
Quorn Meat Free Bacon Lardons (250g)
Quorn Patties (168g)
Quorn Steak Strips (300g)
Quorn Hot Dogs (270g)
Quorn 2 Cheese and Broccoli Escalopes (240g)
Quorn Swedish Style Balls (300g)
Quorn 6 Cumberland Sausages (300g)
Quorn Family Roast (454g)
Quorn 2 Steak Style and Gravy Pies (400g)
Quorn 2 Chicken and Leek Pies 400g)
Quorn Fillets (312g)
Quorn Fajita Strips (140g)
Quorn Wild Garlic and Parsley Sausages (240g)
Quorn Steak Style Pie (235g)
Quorn Best of British Sausages (240g)
Quorn 2 Thai Chicken Fillets (166g)

Deals ending Monday 2nd January 2017

Quorn Roast Style Sliced Fillets (140g)
Quorn Deli Ham (170g)
Quorn Deli Turkey (170g)
Quorn Sausages (250g)
Quorn Chicken Style Pieces (350g)
Quorn Mince (350g)
Quorn Classic Lasagne (500g)
Quorn Classic Burger (180g)
Quorn Mini Sausage Rolls (210g)
Quorn 2 Peppered Steaks (196g)
Quorn Deli Peppered Beef (170g)
Quorn 2 Cheese Escalopes (220g)
Quorn Ready Meal Stew and Dumplings (400g)
Quorn Tikka Sliced Fillets (140g)




Hi, I have updated your image to show one of the correct products, thanks for posting

Original Poster

Yo trickster, many thanks.. Yeah, I thought I'd post a pic of the fully cooked version at it seems a lot more appetising!! Hahaha

I'll get my coat..

also 4 for £6 @ asda

Original Poster


also 4 for £6 @ asda

Correct but for slightly different products.

Thanks for your input.

3 for £5 is a frequent deal in Tesco on Quorn products.

Stick to the deal please, comments removed.

Original Poster


So I was right it is men you're angry at. I suspect your coconut has … So I was right it is men you're angry at. I suspect your coconut has already "hit you on the head with extreme force" and that is why you are so angry. You should see a doctor as it appears to have effected your comprehension skills, because your quote has nothing to do with anything I have posted. While you are at it, it wouldn't do any harm to seek psychotherapy to help with your anger management issues. Judging by the way you form sentences you might need to ask mummy to take you. I didn't suggest daddy because that might have been a problem for you.

I couldn't have put it better myself, big-guy!! Good on ya!

I'll get my coat..
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