Maplin 60W Professional LCD Solder Station with ESD Protection reduced from £59.99 to £29.99

Maplin 60W Professional LCD Solder Station with ESD Protection reduced from £59.99 to £29.99

Found 25th Apr 2014
Been looking for a soldering iron for a while, but need a temp controlled one for soldering sensitive components or on PCBs (ESD is particularly useful for this too). My boss is a bit of a loon, but just sent me a link to this reduced from £59.99 to £29.99, this went hot when posted at £39.99 recently.

• ESD safe – suitable for anti-static work
• Large white on blue LCD screen for clear and convenient reading of temperature in °C or °F
• Three preset temperature buttons that can be configured to users own required temperatures
• Temperature range of 150°C~450°C (302°F~842°F)
• On/off switch on side of unit
• Supplied with detachable soldering iron, stand and sponge
• Additional range of soldering tips available separately, Order Code: A19KK
• Additional tip set includes a 0.8mm fine tip, 2.4mm general tip and a precision tip for highly detailed work
• Spare/replacement irons are also available - Order Code: A40KX
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do these take generic tip sizes?
I still have one I got from Maplin about 7 years ago and it does all that I need so I cannot justify spending £30 on a new one with very limited benefit.

This one does look pretty decent for £30 and my geeky side does want it but my wallet says no. Mine was about the same price 7 years ago so I would purchase if I needed one.

Heat added.

do these take generic tip sizes?

Look's like it MAY take Hakko 376 & 907 tips.
Got lots of leed free soldering wire. 3.25mm 500g, if anyone needs.

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just found same product on eBay for £48+£6 postage. already bought Maplin one - bargain!
don't forget if you subscribe to there marking list you get £3 off over £30. sign up before you check out and stitch the discount code when viewing your basket (need to add something 1p or more).

or another way to think of it, get spate tips for £3.50 not £6.50 instead.

top deal. needed new iron for next week so timing perfect, order placed!
Yes I ordered this from maplin and got £3 off. So £27 not bad thanks op!
Missed the 3 pounds off but ordered!
Not sure what I need a third soldering station for but it looks nicer and a New clean tip! woop
Heat given ;-)
Hmm, this, or the Antex 50W Temperature Controlled Iron: XJ45Y? (Which is unfortunately not on offer, never has been as long as I’ve been watching it, and in fact has gone up a couple of quid since a few years ago.)
This is now back up to £59.99
anyone buy this and not used it? i need a cheap but reasonably good temp controlled station, will buy it from you!
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