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Posted 5 August 2023

Maplin 80x AA LR6 1.5V Alkaline Batteries 7 Year Shelf Life High Performance with Universal Battery Tester

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Includes battery tester

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【In the box 】 Pack of 80x Maplin Alkaline LR6 Long Life AA Batteries & Battery Tester
✅【Over 45 Years 】Maplin, a trusted electronics specialist since 1975; Customer support in the UK
✅ 【Long Life】Highest grade battery available on the market. Power a motorised toy for 8.3 hours, non-motorised toy for 9 hours, torch 7.6 hours, radio/clock/remote control for 51.5 hours and audio player/wireless gaming accessory for 26 hours
✅【More Power 】20% more capacity than you’re your standard alkaline battery
✅【Safety 】Leak-resistant design ensures your batteries won't leak in storage so they're ready when you are
✅【Compatibility】Long-lasting power for your family’s everyday devices, like remotes, wireless mice, headsets, radio equipment, electronic tools, smart home devices & more
✅【Plastic Free】Ships in 100% recyclable, eco-friendly packaging
✅【Not Rechargeable】These batteries are single use, disposable household batteries
✅ Suitable for testing AA, AAA, C, D & 9V PP3 batteries / button cells
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  1. charliecroker1966's avatar
    7 year shelf life... So approx 2 years left all stores closed June 2018 (edited)
    Dronernator's avatar
    Stores closed but they didn't stop trading online. Bought batteries from them online for years, no problems with them at all.
  2. Bogami's avatar
    Wow, Maplins lives!
    stamfordblue's avatar
    Maplins doesn't live, but Maplin does
    Basically equates to 20 x 4 packs at £1 each and a free battery tester.
  3. inkyas's avatar
    I’ve still got loads of these kicking about lol mostly in TV remotes and what not
  4. Anewchange's avatar
    How do I know this is good value? Batteries can be rubbish can't they? Also. Lithium are much better I think, is that right.
    Anewchange's avatar
    How much would this be normally
  5. alwayslfc's avatar
    Not sure Of the batteries, but the tester alone is a god send, allowing you to check out before disposing batteries. Saved me a lot over the yrs. Knowing what's a dud, nearly dud or a decent voltage.
  6. KodaBear's avatar
    Maybe I just got a dodgy batch but I bought a pack of Maplin batteries about a year ago. About a third of the ones I used leaked. Threw the rest away before they caused any more damage.

    Back to AmazonBasics or Kirkland Signature (Costco) which are working fine without leaking everywhere.
  7. waister's avatar
    they do leak over a long period of time.
  8. valueadd101's avatar
    When I worked in Maplin years back we were always told the batteries were just rebadged Duracell. Whether it’s true or was just the store managers sales tactic I don’t know.
  9. smudgemobile's avatar
    I used to get them 100 for £9.99, shrinkflation and inflation I guess.
    the_wookey's avatar
    And I can remember them begging 2/6 for 4 pre decimal currency. What's your point?
  10. zxcvbnm's avatar
    I still have a packet of maplin rechargeable aa batteries that are all a mm too short. Its bizarre. These may be fine though, it was a while ago.
's avatar