Maplin big clearance sale !! + 3% Quidco + money off vouchers
Maplin big clearance sale !! + 3% Quidco + money off vouchers
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Maplin big clearance sale !! + 3% Quidco + money off vouchers

Just received an email from Maplin notifying their big clearance sale.

Maplin website states this:

When these products are gone they are gone and it is unlikely we shall sell them again. Some of these products are even reduced below cost! If an item is "B grade" this means the product has been returned as it was unsuitable but it still carries a full guarantee and is in working order. These products come in daily but sell out fast, so for a real bargain read on...

Go through Quidco for 3% cashback and save further by using Maplin money off vouchers.

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This DAB radio is £29.98, link >> here


regarding B grade stock; my unfortunate experience was that 2 items, one a dvd-hdd recorder, were not functioning, the recorder still had a previous owners recordings. maplins took a long time to refund me. it took several phone calls and emails, they even suggested i hadn't returned a user manual or cable, delaying the refund for some reason.
i believe this was a one-off (twice), but has made me wary of their 'refurbished by our technicians' claim.

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Thanks for the feedback mcek.

I wouldnt go far B stock unless its worth gambling for the price. Some of B stock products are well priced but many are not.

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