Maplin Car Heater.. £10.48 delivered.

Maplin Car Heater.. £10.48 delivered.

Found 25th Nov 2010
Trouble with link...use product code A75FL

Topcashback too! Am getting one to try and help clear the windscreen...
Was £17.98 inc del

"If the heater in the car is not what it was, then there's no need to put on an extra jacket. The ceramic in-car heater provides all the heat you want and fast. Just simply insert the plug into the car cigarette lighter plug and switch on. It can also help to quickly defrost your windscreen... could save you a fortune on de-icer.

In-Car Ceramic Heater

* Instant auxiliary heat
* Fan and heat dual-control switch
* Foldable handle design for window defroster
* 2m power cord with 15A in-line blade fuse
* Brushless motor for noiseless operation
* Detachable 360° swivel base
* DC 12V operation"


You drive a Cortina?…775

Only £7.49 pick-up, think I'll nip oot and get one. Free delivery at the mo as well.
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'Could save you a fortune on de icer'.....wot... I get one tin a year at about £1 and it's still there the year after.

I bought one of these heaters for £14.99 a few weeks ago and to be honest it is rubbish.
The heat coming from it is hardly noticeable and the fan is very weak.
I would buy some de-icer instead

You're better cutting the wire off and scraping the windscreen with it.
Had one, it was useless.

I was gonna get one till i read this:


Complete utter rubbish, waste of money.

thought it was kinect

A big retailer refused to sell this type of heater because their QC dept managed to set fire to everyone they tested.
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