Maplins own brand alkaline batteries 30xAA +20xAAA £6.99

Maplins own brand alkaline batteries 30xAA +20xAAA £6.99

Found 19th Mar
It's a shame that Maplins are closing their stores.... At the moment they are taking 30% off batteries. Other products have different discounts.
Not a bad deal though I suspect the discounts will increase as time passes.

Massive price drop to £5.99.....
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They should have gone down long time ago. Their prices are a joke. I went to my local branch on Saturday to look at their closing down sale....10% off !!!. They need to drop their prices by 50% at least just to be inline with other retailers
These batteries are always highly rated in tests.
I can't find this pack on the link just others more expensive (or way fewer batteries)

Any direct links ?
Get from cpc cheaper and more of them
majorwedgy8419th Mar

Get from cpc cheaper and more of them

Do you have a link please?
just added the link...
majorwedgy8419th Mar

That's a 40 pack of either AA or AAA, this one has 30 x AA and 20 x AAA for £6.99
Nice price for a mix of batteries. But 100 for £14 is the target Maplin price when batteries are on offer.

The liquidators are trying to squeeze out every last penny!
majorwedgy8419th Mar

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