MARANTZ PM6005 Black Stereo Amplifier - £249 @ Richer Sounds

MARANTZ PM6005 Black Stereo Amplifier - £249 @ Richer Sounds

Found 25th Nov 2015
MARANTZ PM6005 Black Stereo Amplifier - Richer Sounds - £249

Highly respected amplifier that has been £299 for ages. Marantz is well recognised for high end audio. Check online for reviews.

Specs (but don't get hung up on numbers):
Phono pre-amp
Two speaker outputs 4ohms+

I bought for £289 and am very happy with it. Built in DAC was the selling point for me along with high quality sound and decent built quality.

Happy to answer techie questions if needed!

Edit: The matching CD player is also reduced if you are into that kind of thing!…blk
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Bought a Marantz av amp a few years ago worst piece of crap I've ever bought, such high hopes and it had a design flaw where if you switched between analogue & digital the sound would drop out, was an absolute nightmare. They did eventually admit the whole line was affected and there was a fix but you had to post the amp and of course they're really heavy etc etc.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this one but for me once bitten & all that.
Cold, never heard of them
70khz? Wat? Probably a great product (mate of mine used to work at marantz) but surely that range might cause nasty harmonics or... idk, something?
All I can say is that I'm happy and cannot find a bad review. Price drop makes it slightly sweeter.

As to harmonics, this is not a concern for anyone looking at entry to mid level amplifiers.
Great amp, I've had one for a few years. Really nice sound.
Expired now, back to 299. Mods please expire!
Back down to £249.00 again. Have some extra heat! These are great amps and the built in DAC and Phono stage is a welcome addition at this price point.
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Thinking of buying one. Any reviews from owners? Is it really worth it or better to find something like audiolab 8000a?
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