March Madness @GreenManGaming

March Madness @GreenManGaming

Found 2nd Mar
Deals include ;

- WatchDogs
- Far Cry
- Final Fantasty
- Warhammer
- Tom Clancy's
- Assassin's Creed
- And many more

Tbf i'd check out the site as there is a heck of a lot of games that are discounted to list!


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OP I think this will go cold if you don't add some prices :).
I'll help, since I was browsing there last night. Possibly the silliest sale I've seen, as you have to add stuff to the basket while logged in (on top of GMG being absent from ITAD). Add to that they're shuffling the prices, all the ubi stuff I checked last night was 5% better than today >tchoh<

WatchDogs - 7.48, season pass 4.78, gold 11.97
WatchDogs 2 - 13.46, season pass 10.47, gold 23.93
TC Ghost Recon Wildlands - 15.84
Abandon Ship - 11.24
Iconoclasts - 13.12 (actually a solid cut for this one)
Slay the Spire - 8.99
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine - 11.24
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robespeare8 m ago

Possibly the silliest sale I've seen

Agreed. Appreciate they're trying to do something different but it's just a hassle.
Steep - £13.50 dropped to about £11 when added to my basket.
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