March of The Penguins (Blu-ray) - £2.99 Delivered @ Grainger Games

March of The Penguins (Blu-ray) - £2.99 Delivered @ Grainger Games

Found 15th Apr 2011
Sainsburys £11.99
Tesco £ 8.97
HMV £ 11.99
Play £8.99
Amazon £8.93

Other bluray titles for £2.99 are:

All the girls love Mandy Lane
Fred Claus
Oceans thirteen

Some titles for £4.99 include
American History X
Natural Born Killers
Stargate Directors Cut
Welcome To The Jungle
Risky business (remember that one!)
Dumb and Dumber

All on Bluray (New) and many more for £4.99 depending on what kind of movie you like

I haven't purchased from this company before and would appreciate any feedback about them, theres a couple of blurays I would like to order


Thanks for that, ordered a couple. Never ordered from here myself before but have seen people buy a bit from here so thought I would give it a go!

Heat,good find

lovely movie

I mean documentary, nicely done and very touching

ordered , cheers

bought this on hd-dvd when it was £2.99, great to see blu-ray prices finally falling to sensible prices.

Great film for the family.

Good find op have some heat

website is a ballache to use!!!!

no pain no gain

Grainger Games is a Newcastle company (Grainger St Newcastle)

Also £3.00 in their stores as I picked one up today.

Website says out of stock

out of stock. DOH!

I found 2 blu rays that I like one was 2.99 and one was 3.99 and it took £1 when I added them both to basket so I paid £5.98 for them both

O.O.S it seems.

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O.O.S it seems.

March of the penguins is oos but theres still alot of others at a decent price, just glad I got the March of the penguins before it went oos.

I've got this, it was only shot in 480p, so don't expect anything other then an OK picture, but the film more then makes up for it! gotta love penguins!

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Has anyone who ordered The March of The Penguins received it yet?
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