Marco Dining Set 7 Piece £25 @ Wilkinson

Marco Dining Set 7 Piece £25 @ Wilkinson

Found 27th Feb 2013
10 of these are to become available today at £25 down from £240, been told by my friend who works for the company. good luck!


0 In Stock! Blast it!,,,,


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Please read, are going to become available shortly today

Great price

What time today ?

called and they said they no longer sell the set

Hey jimmybolt - any chance of an approximate time?

been refreshing since posted, nothing :-(

wish i had the time to sit there and keep refreshing!!!

i think the staff took them, doesnt look like anyone will get any

This deal is a non starter

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Just got a reply from him, the 10 were on there for 3 minutes apparently so that's some lucky people, I missed out!
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